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Welcome to the Klingon Language Wiki!

This site is a meeting place to work on common interests for the Klingon language, created by Marc Okrand for the Star Trek movies. Anyone can contribute using any web browser. KlingonWiki looks like a normal web site... except that it encourages contribution and editing of pages, questions, answers, comments and updates.

"Wiki" systems are fundamentally editable web pages. It's a fun and useful way of communicating asynchronously over the web for many existing intranet and public internet sites. The usage of this Wiki is simple to learn and use. It aims to provide a transparent way for you to publish and exchange your ideas with others over the web. You will find more about wikis in general at WikiCulture.

Where do I start?

There are many possibilities for you to use and support this wiki. Expertise in Klingon language is not required.
  • Simply browse the wiki and search for any typos. You may also search for bad grammar or not very well formulated phrases. Don't hesitate changing minor mistakes; sometimes one single word can improve an entire text. If you do not know where to start, just try a random page auf.
  • Check out the wish list, to see if there is any topic you can write something about.
  • Have a look at the To-Do-List, to see if there is any page you like to improve.
  • You can also go to the Translation wishlist and see if there is any existing german page which you like to translate into english, or vice versa.

Basic conventions for the Klingon Language Wiki

About the use of the Wiki

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