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Es geht um Okrands neues Buch.


To everyone who's been peeking into this forum:

After a period of not being here, I'm back and plan on checking in on a regular basis.

I've been away for a couple of reasons: (1) weird computer problems (are there any other kind?); (2) I've been working on a new book, which is now finished and scheduled for release by Pocket Books in the fall.

The new book is called "Klingon For the Galactic Traveler." The word "Klingon" in the title refers specifically to the Klingon language, and the book deals with details of the language that one is not likely to encounter in a course that might be called "Klingon I." For example, there are discussions of different Klingon dialects, slang, and special terminology used in various fields (such as music, food preparation, and, of course, the concerns of warriors).

The format for writing and receiving messages here has changed, and this is the first message I'm writing using the new newsgroup system. In fact, this is about the fourth time I've tried to send it, all of my previous attempts having been, apparently, scrambled in the transporter beam. If you're reading this, I've been successful. I've been looking here for a while, and the bulletin board has always been empty. Then I did something or other to my computer or to a setting or whatever and – surprise! – there are messages here I haven't seen before, and even a way to get to the old messages.

Clearly, I have a bit of catching up to do, so please bear with me. And please continue to post questions and answers to each other (as some of you have been doing). It's interesting stuff.



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