5 Against Jauch

Screenshot of the show
5 Against Jauch is a German TV-Quiz-Show which is running since 2009 on RTL. Five guest participants have to line up against the famous German quiz master GŁnther Jauch and answer questions. It is hosted by comedian Oliver Pocher.


During the celebrity special of March 10, 2017, the following question has been proposed: "Which of this literary works has been translated into Klingon by Star Trek fans?" The correct answer is Hamlet. To reveal the answer, the Klingon expert Lieven L. Litaer has been invited to the show. (1)

Litaer read the line:
taH pagh taHbe' To be or not to be
DaH mu'tlheghvam vIqelnIS. that is the question

During the interview, Oliver Pocher asked if Litaer could say something like "Hello! I would like a pizza Hawaii.", to which Litaer replied nuqneH; pItSa' vISop vIneH (literally: "What do you want? I want to eat Pizza".)

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1 : (de) 5 gegen Jauch on German Wikipedia

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