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A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages is a book written by Stephen D. Rogers in 2011. On the 304 pages, there is an overview to more than 100 invented languages. Klingon is described on pages 109 to 111. After that, there is an introduction on how to "invent" your own language. The book was published as a bound edition and for Kindle.

Introduction to the individual languages

The languages are presented in the first part of the book. The presentations share a pattern:
  • "Who speaks the language?": In the case of Klingon, the movies and the TV series are presented.
  • "Documented by": Marc Okrand is mentioned as the inventor and TKD as documentation.
  • "Behind the works": With a short explanation of Klingons and their development.
  • "Language deduction": Here it is mentioned, that klingon origins from the language of Kahless and was designed by Marc Okrand as a guttural language.
  • "Characteristics of the language": Containing explanations to the phonology.
  • "sample of the language": Here, some words from TKD are presented.
  • "Some useful phrases": tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a', bIjeghbe'chugh vaj biHegh, nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'
  • "numeral system": The numbers from 1 to 10.
  • "Philological facts": Mentions the first Klingon words in ST1, AKCC, Hamlet and Much Ado about Nothing and an explanation why Klingons look different in TOS compared to the later movies and series.
  • "If you are interested in the language": With references to the KLI and TKD.
  • "Additional informations": References to the Wikipedia entries of the KLI and of Star Trek.

Biblical texts

The author tried to get translations in every language for the following texts:

Those two translations are not given in the Klingon section. Probably it was not included because it is not part of the canon and there are several different translations.


Publisher Adams Media
Published 15th Nov 2011
Pages 304
ISBN 978-1440528170

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