This is a list of abbreviations that are related to Klingon. They can be seen on the Klingon Mailing List, in this Wiki, or elsewhere.

AKD Annotated Klingon Dictionary
ASM Air & Space Magazine
BG Beginners' Grammarian
BOP Bird of Prey poster
CBS CBS Corporation
CK Conversational Klingon
DCTF Don't Copy that Floppy
DSC Star Trek: Discovery
DSN Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
ECP Extended Corpus Project
FMC Friend of Maltz Certificate
FTG Federation Travel Guide
KAW The Klingon Art of War
KBTP Klingon Bible Translation Project
KCD Star Trek: Klingon (CD)
KGT Klingon For The Galactic Traveler
KKS Klingon Kama Sutra
KLBC Klingon Language Beginners Conversation
KLCP Klingon Language Certification Program
KLI Klingon Language Institute
KSRP Klingon Shakespeare RestorationProject
KWP Klingon Writing Project
KPC Klingon Postal Course
MKE Monopoly Klingon Edition
MLA Modern Language Association
MO Marc Okrand
MSN Microsoft Network
MUSH Multi-User Shared Hallucination
OVS Object-Verb-Subject
PB paq'batlh
PIC Star Trek: Picard
PK Power Klingon
PKP Project Klingon Poe
QQ Qo'noS QonoS
RT Radio Times
SBC SkyBox Cards
SKI Summary for the Klingon Impaired
SMI Summary for the Morska Impaired ➞ SKI
STC 104 Star Trek Communicator issue #104 (1995)
STC Star Trek: Continuum
STC Star Trek: Constellations
s.e startrek.expertforum
st.k startrek.klingon
TGD The Grammarian's Desk
TKD The Klingon Dictionary
TKH The Klingon Hamlet
TKW The Klingon Way
TNG Star Trek: The Next Generation
TNK Talk Now: Learn Klingon
TOS Star Trek: The Original Series
TGD The Grammarian's Desk
VOY Star Trek Voyager
YAKL Yet Another Klingon Localization

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