An adjective is a word that directly describes the quality of a noun (1). Klingon does not have adjectives as such, but the function of adjectives is accomplished with verbs of state or quality, such as Doq be orange/red or HoS be strong. When used in this manner, the verb is placed immediately after the noun which it describes.

The verb Rover suffix -qu' may be added to the verb-adjective as an intensifier, much like the word very. Although TKD states that no other verb suffixes may be used, examples exist in canon of -be' and -Ha' being used.

If a Type 5 noun suffix is used, it is added to the adjectively used verb which follows the noun (after any Verb suffixes, if present)(2).


puq Doy' tired child (compare Doy' puq the child is tired)

Dujmey tInqu' very big ships

veng tInqu'Daq in the very big city

wanI' ramqu'mo' due to a very trivial event

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