Air & Space Interview

Klingon language creator Marc Okrand was interviewed by the Air & Space Magazine and replied some questions in Klingon(1). The Klingon language community is always happy to get some canon phrases. This interview did not reveal any new words, but shows some interesting constructions which may have caused problems to beginners.

Klingon interview

No. Question Answer Provided (not literal) Translation
1 Favorite story: Hov leng wej: Spock nejlu'. lutvam bejlu'taHvIS, tlhIngan Hol mu'tlheghmey chu'qu' vIchenmoHbogh luQoylu'. jIlengchoH. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. It’s the film for which I devised Klingon, so it marks the start of what turned out to be (for me) a remarkable journey.
2 Favorite character: Qugh la'. tlhIngan Hol vIchenmoHDI', jatlhwI' wa'DIch ghaH. Commander Kruge. He was the first major speaker of the Klingon I devised.
3 Fondest memory: vulqan Hol jatlhlaHmeH Mr. Spock, vIghojmoHta'. pItlh. Teaching Leonard Nimoy to speak Vulcan.
4 Lesson of Star Trek: pIj tay'taH Doch pIm. vulqangan qech 'oH, tlhIngan qech 'oHbe'. IDIC: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. This is a basic tenet of Vulcan philosophy, and not Klingon at all.
5 Trek tech: jol. Hoch Holmey mughwI' vIwIv 'e' DapIH'a'? Transporter Beam. Did you expect me to choose the Universal Translator?


Phrase 1

AFAIK, this is the first canon translation of a movie title.

Phrase 2

vulqan Hol jatlhlaHmeH Mr. Spock, vIghojmoHta' is a nice recast for "I have tought Mr. Spock to speak Vulcan."

Phrase 3

Note that this is vulqan Hol Language of Vulcan , not vulqangan Hol language of the Vulcans. This is not conform with tlhIngan Hol, but agrees with what Okrand said few years ago that languages are not built using ngan inhabitant. You usually say DoyIchlan Hol, raSya' Hol etc.

Phrase 4

pIj tay'taH Doch pIm, the translation for "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" literally says "different things are often continuously together".

Phrase 5

Although not a word on its own - any maybe just a desription - here is a translation for the universal translator: Hoch Holmey mughwI' literally: "all languages translator"


1 : The Man Who Taught Mr. Spock to Speak Vulcan, by Chris Klimek, August 2016

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