Aircraft vocabulary

This page lists vocabulary related to movements of aircrafts and piloting. These words and their descriptions were mostly published and discussed in HolQeD of June 2002 as an answer from Friend of Maltz Robyn Stewart, who is a pilot. (1)

Word list

aircraft movements

The following terms were initially described referring to movements of an airplane. Some of them were later generalised confirming that they can also be applied to body movements. All of these verbs can be combined with the type 4 suffix -moH (cause) to describe what the pilot does with the plane.

word type translation definition
Dav v. sway aircraft moves to the side without yawing
Der v. yaw aircraft nose points left or right
jIm v. heave aircraft rising or falling without pitching
jer v. surge aircraft suddenly moves forwards or backwards
ron v. roll aircraft wings tilt, one up, one down
tor v. kneel when the nose of the plane moves up or down

General terms

word type translation
'or v. pilot, operate (an aircraft)
'orwI' n. pilot
ghangwI' n. horizon
tajvaj n. angle


Attitude in this context means the position of an airplane relative to something.
word type translation
lol v. be in an attitude
lolchu' v. be in a correct attitude
loltaH v. maintain an attitude
lolchu'taH v. maintain a correct attitude
lolmoH v. maneuver the aircraft to be in some attitude or other
lolSeHcha n. attitude control thrusters


1 : matlh jup mu'mey, by Marc Okrand, HolQeD vol 11 no 2, p. 8-9

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