Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller (Klingon name: 'enru') sometimes known professionally as Andrew Shull-Miller, is an American Klingonist. He holds a BA in linguistics from the College of William and Mary and the KLCP rank of po'wI' (expert).

Klingon language achievements

He furnished most of the first draft of the Klingon text of the paq'batlh, the libretto for the Klingon opera 'u', for which he received especial thanks in Marc Okrand's Translator's Note.

He is known for producing the Klingon translation of the Kaspersky Password Checker, as well as for portraying the role of the Klingon Laertes (layerteS) in the Washington Shakespeare Company's (WSC) By Any Other Name: An Evening of Shakespeare in Klingon in 2010 and 2011, a role which was filmed by the BBC as part of the documentary series Fry's Planet Word.

In 2012 Miller composed a short play for the Smithsonian Institution's one-night event Brush Up Your Klingon, which also included lectures by Marc Okrand and Michael Adams, author of "From Elvish to Klingon". The untitled play featured Miller, DC actor Chuck Young, and Okrand as themselves and NY actor Darren Bickel as the disembodied voice of William Shakespeare.

He was cast in WSC's 2014 production of A Klingon Christmas Carol as the DaHjaj qeylIS qa' ("Spirit of Kahless Present") but had to drop out due to illness and was replaced by Charlene V. Smith.

He has since adapted and directed two other (non-Klingon related) short plays, The Acts of Andrew and Matthias in the Land of the Anthropophagi (2014), and The Sloths of Kruvny (2015).

In February of 2016, Andrew Miller participated in a presentation (1) at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA, with Professor Vincent Kling and then-undergraduate Paul Fitzpatrick titled "From Adam and Eve to the Klingons: What's the Point of Invented Languages?", in which he gave a brief overview of the corpus of Klingon-language literature and answered questions.

In early November of 2016 he has interpreted two sets of tours of public art in Pittsburgh named "From Pittsburghese To Klingon" in conjunction with the Wizard World Pittsburgh Science Fiction Convention. (2)

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1 : (PDF) Kling, Vincent PhD; Fitzpatrick, Paul; and Miller, Andrew, "From Adam and Eve to the Klingons: What’s the Point of Invented Languages?" (2016). Explorer Café. Paper 43.

2 : Klingon Public Art Walking Tour, announcement on, retrieved 17 Oct 2016

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