This article contains a list of animals for which Klingon names are known. Most of these animals are part of the canon, those who aren't are marked with an asterisk. The Klingon word for animal is the same as for meat, namely Ha'DIbaH.

Klingon name Description, if available Source
bIQDep Fish KGT
boqrat its liver can be eaten KGT
bolmaq* lives on bo'retlh, bleats and runs in circles glossary in Honor Bound
chemvaH Klingon women make noises like a chemvaH when they want to show their interest for a man. KGT
cheS animal with long ears similar to an Earth rabbit qep'a' 2016
DenIb Qatlh denebian slime devil TKD
gha'cher goat-like creature, closest Klingon goat analogue qep'a' 2019
ghIlab ghew Glob fly KGT
Humlaw' like a ghargh, but with lots of wiggly legs qepHom'a' 2018
Hun Khrun, a very fast animal qep'a' 2011, paq'batlh page 130f
jajlo' Qa' a very loud animal, though not a bird, crows mornings like a rooster HQ 10.4, December 2001
la'SIv type of animal (like a turtle)
lIngta' Lingta KGT, Diplomatic Implausibility
lung Loong, an lizardlike animal KGT
mabeb toad-like or frog-like creature qep'a' 2019
mIl'oD Sabre bear KGT
naQ 'er a Klingon animal called a "brush devil" in Federation Standard qep'a' 2017
norgh Norg, sharklike animal KGT
ngavyaw' canine-like creature, like the creature that accompanies the guards on Rura Penthe qep'a' 2019
po Ha'DIbaH an animal that makes noise in the morning HQ 10.4, December 2001
qa'put smallish monkey-like creature qep'a' 2019
qa'raj Ka'radsh, the lung can be eaten, also written with a Q KGT
qovIj canine-like creature, smaller than a ngavyaw', similar to Kruge's pet in ST3 qep'a' 2019
qu'vatlh* stubborn animal DSN "Sons and daughters"
Qa' short form of jajlo' Qa' TKD, HQ 10.4, December 2001
Qa'Da' Krada, its legs are popular as food Diplomatic Implausibility
Qa'Hom similar to a jajlo' Qa', doesn't crow and is smaller KGT, HQ 10.4, December 2001, KCD
Qaj Kradsch, has brown lips KGT, s.k 1998.02.21, HQ 8.1, Seite 7, March 1999
QIncha' Krimtscha qep'a' 2011
Qogh TKD
Quv'eq* Kuvrek, prefers shady locations Enemy Territory
Suy' Suy, uses as an insult, similar to "pig!" KGT
taqnar Taknar, The stomach, with content, is eaten, its dung smells rotten A good day to die, A Burning House
tangqa' bull-like animal HQ 9.4, December 2000
targh furry pig-like Klingon animal. They make the sound wel or welwelwel. TKD-A, qep'a' 2017
teghbat Teg'bat KGT
tIghla' t'gla KGT
tIqnagh Tignak, a dangerous carnivore, living on the klingon planet Taganika KGT, KCD
tI'qa' vIghro' Tika-Cat KGT
to'baj Tobbaj KGT
toqvIr lung Tokvirian skink, its eggs are eaten whole KGT
toppa' Topah KGT
toQ a bird of prey native to Kronos Mailing list 1997.04.07, HQ 10.4 page 5, 2001
torghotlh* Torgot, native to Rura Penthe A Burning House
tlhIghaq Trigak, a predator with sharp teeth, which it hides before an attack A Burning House, qepHom'a' 2014
vIghro' V'gro, a kind of cat. They make the sound 'Imyagh KGT, qep'a' 2017
'e'levan Terran elephant, word borrowed from Federation Standard. qep'a' 2017
'er a type of animal TKD
'evta' animal similar to a newt or salamander qep'a' 2017
'I' ghew a bug that sort of resembles a beetle qepHom'a' 2018
'IghvaH 'IghvaH KGT
'Iwghargh Bloodworm KGT

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