Annotated Klingon Dictionary

The Annotated Klingon Dictionary, short AKD, is the description of two distinct dictionaries created by klingonists.

William Martin

The probably better known is from William Martin, who created it for qep'a' 1994 and contains the respective sources to every word. Unlike the official dictionary it contained all words in sorted lists for either language (English and Klingon) as well as canon words that are from other sources than just TKD, for example HolQeD (which at the time was the only secondary source of klingon).

During the qep'a', William Martin made copies of his AKD for friends. Marc Okrand attended the qep'a' and when noticing people looking up words in this handy little book asked if he could have a copy. He himself didn't have a compiled list of all Klingon words, instead making do with lots of notes with words on them, a bit too unorganized. William Martin gave him a copy of his list.

Steven Boozer

The self-styled "Canon Master" Steven Boozer calls his collection the "Annotated Klingon Dictionary" as well. According to him, in 2005 his word-file already had more than 625 pages. (1)

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1 : Message  to the mailing list, 15. Nov 2005

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