Klingon Apps

Apart from programs for Desktop PCs there are now a number of Klingon apps for the various mobile operating systems. A warning must be given to be very precautious, because most so-called Klingon tutorial apps are simply standard apps switched to Klingon by somebody who has no idea about Klingon. Please also note that this information may not be up to date, because Apps can be changed, improved, or removed very quickly without notice.

Key: stargold checked and recommended, ALERT! NOT recommended

Dictionary tools

  • stargold boQwI', also called "the Klingon Assistant", is not just a dictionary, but also analyizes words and whole sentences. It's basically always up-to-date with new Klingon.
  • stargold quja' is a Klingon keyboard for Android. The name, like qwerty or qwertz is derived by the letters of the first row.
  • Klingon Name Generator is an app to generate a Klingon name.
  • Klingon Language Suite by Ultralingua contains a dictionary, idioms and Conversational Klingon.
  • stargold Klingon Dictionary is an Alexa skill that allows users to search for Klingon words by English, to fetch random Klingon sayings, to lookup today's Klingon Word of the Day, and to learn more about Klingons and the Klingon language. Content provided by Hol 'ampaS.



  • ALERT! Klingon Translator is an app for Windows Phone which uses Bing in the background to translate to and from Klingon.
  • Klingon Helper is a simple dictionary for Windows Phone. It also provides a quick introduction to the Klingon language.



  • Cortana is a language assistant which is claimed to speak and understand Klingon. In truth, it only speaks and understands a few predefined sentences.
  • SwipeKeys is a keyboard for iOS which can be configured for Klingon.
  • Klingon Word of the Day is an Alexa skill that adds the Hol 'ampaS word of the day to your flash briefing.

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