April Fools Day

The Klingon language has been used for Aprils Fools' Day quite often in recent years. Usually, these consist of language teaching companies who pretend to sell a Klingon product, websites that are translated into Klingon using the Bing machine translator, or just products sold in Klingon. This page lists the most remarkable Klingon-related April Fools' Day pranks.


  • Although not announced as an April's fool, the German miniature railway museum published an image movie about their exhibition in Klingon. See Miniatur Wunderland.






  • Rosetta Stone announces a Klingon language-learning software package.



The Japanese computer games company KLab.com announced that they would teach all their co-workers to learn Klingon, so that they would be prepared for interstellar competition. 宇宙進出に向け公用語をクリンゴン語に!
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