Barbara "Duffy" Dobelbower

Barbara "Duffy" Dobelbower was a Beginners Grammarian using the Klingon name trI'Qal. She was the first BG on the mailing list, serving from 3 March 1994 until 6 June 1994 and from 20 August 1996 until 30 October 1996, being the only BG serving twice. Her first service as a BG was intended only as a temporary duty. (1)

She was very active in the KLI community until about 1998, when she dropped out of sight. She used to be known for a remarkably fast rise to proficiency and a fierce determination to improve her skills. She was present at the first qep'a', at which very little Klingon was spoken except by Krankor, Mark Shoulson - who were already fairly proficient -... and trI'Qal, who worked hard (and successfully!) to keep up.

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1 : Message to the list of Fri, 04 Mar 1994

Beginners' Grammarian of the KLI
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