Basic Phrases Klingon

This is a crash course for beginners containing the most important sentences and expressions. For a more grammatical approach, see basic sentences.

When talking Klingon, it is important to know that Klingons are a militant race and the language is accordingly harsh and abrupt. The language also is very direct, there are no phrases of civility.

List of useful phrases


yes / no HIja' / ghobe'  
left / right poS / nIH  
Hello nuqneH literally What do you want?Hello
Your place or my place? juHwIjDaq pagh juHlIjDaq?  
Do you speak federation standard? DIvI' Hol Dajatlh'a'?  
Where? nuqDaq?  
Thank you qatlho'  
See you Qapla' literally success
Enough! mevyap  

Numbers from 1 to 10

➞ See main article Numbers.
one wa'
two cha'
three wej
four loS
five vagh
six jav
seven Soch
eight chorgh
nine Hut
ten wa'maH

In case of emergency

Help! HIQaH
Can you call a doctor? Qel'e' DaH yISam.
I was unconcious. jIvulchoHpu'
I have a pain here. naDev jI'oy'
It really hurts. 'oy'qu'
Can you repair that? DatI'laH'a'?
How long does it take? poH 'ar DapoQ?
Can you give me some gas? jIHvaD nIn yInob.

In the city

Am I right, here? qar'a' jIHtaHbogh naDev?
How do I come to the city? nuqDaq 'oH veng botlh'e'?
Is it allowed to park here? naDev jIQam 'e' chaw'lu''a'?
Where can I buy weapons? nuqDaq nuHmey vIje'laH?
How much? DIlmeH Huch 'ar DaneH?
Buy or die! bIje'be'chugh vaj bIHegh TKW p. 213
I take it. vItlhap

Enjoy your meal!

Where is a restaurant? nuqDaq 'oH Qe''e'?
Is this seat taken? quSDaq ba'lu''a'? TKD p. 171
I want something to eat. vay' vISop vIneH
Can you recommend something? nuq DanaD?
I would like to have a beer. HIq vItlhutlh vIneH
I have a headache! jlwuQ
I want to pay. jIDIlrup


Revenge is a dish best served cold. bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'. TKW p. 133
There are no old warriors SuvwI'pu' qan tu'lu'be'. TKW p. 29
War is good for business malja'vaD QaQ veS.
Death is an experience, which is best when shared. Heghlu'DI' mobbe'lu'chugh QaQqu' Hegh wanI' TKW, p. 73
Four thousand throats can be cut by one running man in one night. qaStaHvIS wa' ram loS SaD Hugh SIjlaH qetbogh loD TKW, p. 127


The basics of this course were first published in 2008 on by Christoph Hage and contained some orthographical mistakes (1). It is not known whether author had worked alone on this or had any support. Only a few sentences are directly from canon sources. This crash course is often used on other websites and is easy to identify by the original mistakes (for example nugneH Suvwl' and Itlhap). For example TELE 5 used it during the 50th anniversary of Star Trek (2).

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