There are many people who believe that Klingons enjoy belching a lot. Actually, this is a very bad misinterpretation of only few situations:

Considering the fact that these scenes show non-standard situations, one should not assume that burping is a common use among Klingons.

Lower Decks

In the episode wej Duj of Star Trek: Lower Decks, there is an opening scene of a Klingon mess hall where you see one Klingon burping quite loud.(2) Even though this show is officially regarded as being canon of the Star Trek universe, it is filled with exaggerated situations: In addition to this burping Klingon, characters in the show have been observed vomiting, and one Klingon is reported to have "pooped on his sword", although that was not depicted. (3)

So as a conclusion, this additional appearance of a burping Klingon should be taken with a grain of salt, as it does not really confirm that burping is a Klingon character trait.


The Klingon word for belch is ruq: (4)
When air (or gas) from the stomach [burgh] works its way up and comes out of the mouth (often noisily), one is said to ruq "belch". Maltz said it is acceptable to refer to this gas as SIp, a general word for gas of any kind, but that gas produced within the body is known as Qep'It. When, rather than gas, undigested or partially digested food comes up, one is said to 'em, "vomit".

From a message from Okrand: (5)
The noun is Qep'It and the verb is ruq. Both of these words can be used for gas that comes up from your gut and out of your mouth and also for gas that goes down from your gut and out the other way. If it's necessary to make the distinction (for Klingons, it isn't always necessary), use phrases involving nuj [mouth] or Hugh [throat] or Sa'Hut [ass, rear end, buttocks].


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