Bird of Prey Poster

Bird of Prey Poster
The Bird of Prey Poster is a three-foot large poster displaying the components of a Klingon Bird of Prey (i.e. one of their space ships). The poster contains Klingon words for each described part. Since these have been developped by Marc Okrand, the poster is considered canon.

According to the copyright notice, the poster was printed in 1998.

Size: 91 x 61 cm / 36 x 24 inch

Known errors

There are very few errors in the poster, like a missing apostrophe on De' and an unnecessary space in the word tlh_Ingan.

Grammatical irregularities

One of the labels is telDaq wovmoHwI' for "wing light". This seems to violate the rule that in a noun-noun construction only the last can have type-5 suffixes. This problem has not been solved yet, while there are multiple interpretations for this:

  • One can consider it to be a compound noun tel "wing" + Daq "location", making the phrase "wing-location brightener".
  • Some people try to convince themselves that it isn't a noun-noun construction but a phrase missing a verb, so the rule thus does not apply.

The question may be why Okrand did not prefer to translate it as tel wovmoHwI'. As possible answer is that it may be interpreted like it was brightening the wing. That's not what wing lights do.

New words

This list shows all words from the dictionary section of this wiki. If you think there is one missing, you can easily ➞ create a new page and add the word. It will automatically show up in this list.

Klingon Canon definition
'eDSeHcha take-off/landing thrusters
'otlh peng photon torpedo
'otlh peng baHjan photon torpedo launcher
bI'rel B'rel (ship class)
bI'rel tlharghDuj B'rel-class Scout
bIQSIp hydrogen
bIQSIp 'ugh deuterium isotope
baHjan launcher
begh botjan deflector shields
beq pa'mey crew quarters
cha'puj pa' dilithium chamber
chang'eng pair
cheb'a' unit of weight (9 cheb)
choQ deck (on a ship)
chob corridor
chob'a' main corridor
chuq'a' long range
DaH array, bank
De'wI' pat computer system
De'wI' Qulpa' computer research lab
De'wI' SoSbor'a' main computer core
Hong boq chuyDaH impulse fusion thrusters
Hongghor impulse drive
jolpat transporter system
qoD QutlhwI' ngaDmoHwI' inner support stabilizer
qughDo cruising speed
leng Dotlh SeHwI' pat flight reaction control system
lo' law' utility
lo' law' choQ utility deck
lo' law' lojmIt utility hatch
loghqam unit of measure, 1.25 light years
muD ngeb SeHwI' pat atmospheric control system
nItebHa' together
nguSDI' motor
pIvchem warp field
pIvchem lIngwI' DaH warp field generation array
pIvchem SeHwI' warp field controller
QeD SeHlaw science console
Qulpa' research lab
Qum De'wI' communications computer
Qum pat communication system
Qum SeHlaw communications console
Qutlh support
QutlhwI' support
rugh bIQSIp anti-hydrogen
Saqjan landing gear
SeHwI' controller
SeHwI' pat control system
SoSbor motherboard
SoSbor'a' main core
Soj polmeH pa' food storage
tal cannon
tal SeHwI' nguSDI' cannon control motor
tel SeHwI' jo' wing control mechanism
tlhIng Kling
tlhIng yoS Kling District
tlharghDuj scout ship
vID'Ir baffle
wovmoHbogh jan light (device)
wovmoHwI' light (lamp)
ya De'wI' tactical computer
yaS pa'mey officers' quarters


Technical Illustration: Matt Cushman
Computer Illustration: Bob Kayganich
Creative Director: Marty Petz
Klingon Translation: Marc Okrand

Supported by the Star Trek Art Department: John Eaves, Herman Zimmerman, Mike Okuda, Rock Sternbach, Doug Drexler.

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