List of birds

At the 8th qep'a', which happened in 2001 in Brussels, Robyn Stewart and Eric Andeen were inducted into the Order of the Friend of Maltz. As such, they had the privilege to wish a word. One of them was the word for "bird". Okrand's answer was published in the same year's HolQeD issue.(1)

List of Bird names

The general word for "bird" is bo'Degh.

Klingon definition source
borghel a very small bird whose eggs are considered quite tasty HQ
cha'bIp a bird noted for its speed HQ
cha'Do' (Maltz wasn't sure what kind of a bird this was, but he was very familiar with the word) HQ
cha'naS a small bird which digs up bugs to eat HQ
cha'par a bird noted for its song HQ
cha'qu' a bird with a noisy, repetitive cry HQ
Da'nal two very similar birds, both characterized by erratic, unpredictable behavior HQ
Da'vI' two very similar birds, both characterized by erratic, unpredictable behavior HQ
lIr a nocturnal bird HQ
lotlhmoq a bird that swoops into the water in order to catch food, but cannot swim HQ
notqa' a large, black bird (nowhere near as large as a qa'rol, which is really big) HQ
parbIng a mid-sized bird with particularly garish coloring (at least from a Klingon point of view) HQ
qanraD another bird known for its song HQ
qa'rol [a really big, black bird (much larger as a notqa')] - [note*] HQ
qaryoq a bird capable of mimicking speech HQ
qaryoq'a' a bird capable of mimicking speech, larger than qaryoq HQ
qIt big fat bird that cannot fly (like a guineafowl) qepHom 2016
ramjep nocturnal bird Diplomatic Implausibility
raw' an aquatic bird with colorful plumage HQ
toQ a bird of prey native to Kronos Mailing list 1997.04.07, HQ 10.4 page 5, 2001
vem'eq a bird that feeds almost exclusively on the serpent worm from which Gagh is made (Klingons are not particularly fond of the vem'eq) HQ
vIlInHoD a bird capable of mimicking speech HQ
waqboch a bird with a very long beak HQ
yatqap a gray (sometimes white) bird that can travel particularly long distances without pausing HQ
'uSgheb a bird which is particularly noisy and has been likened to a rooster (though it is much fiercer) HQ
'apuStoQ a hawk-like bird Mailing list, 18.01.10

* note: The qa'rol was not directly described. Its description is inferred from the note on notqa'.

Related Nouns

Klingon definition source
bo feather HQ
bo'Degh bird HQ
neb beak, bill HQ
pach claw, talon TKD
QIm egg KGT
tel wing TKD

Related Verbs

Klingon definition source
laq flap HQ
ngun perch HQ
puv fly TKD
qaj soar HQ
Saq land on the ground TKD
tlhot land on the water HQ
wom peck HQ

  • wom is used for both eating and attacking by pecking.
  • in flight, a bird's wings laq (the bird is said to laqmoH its wings), but when a banner or sail flaps, the correct word to use is joq flap, flutter, wave.

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1 : HolQeD, vol. 10 issue 4, December 2001, p. 4-5

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