Botany, also called plant science or plant biology, is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. (1) This page lists known Klingon vocabulary around that topic.

For the names of fruit and vegetables that can be served as food, see food vocabulary.


word translation source
bartIq branch (of a tree) qepHom 2016
Du' naH produce KGT
ghub bud (the flower, fruit, or shoot before it develops) qep'a' 2016
magh Klingon plant that most closely resembles grass qep'a' 2016
magh yotlh lawn qep'a' 2016
naH tlhab wild fruit, vegetable KGT
ngat 'atlhqam a type of mold qep'a' 2018
por leaf (of a plant) KGT
Qechjem stem, stalk qep'a' 2016
Qechjem'a' trunk (of a tree) qepHom 2016
Qenno' pulp (of a plant) qep'a' 2016
raS'IS seed qep'a' 2016
SanmIr spore Netflix subtitles
San'emDer plant qep'a' 2019
Suntay' pollen qep'a' 2016
Sor tree TKD
tera' yav 'atlhqam mushroom Talk Now: Learn Klingon
tI vegetation TKD
'atlhqam type of fungus KGT
'atlhqam tun a type of mold qep'a' 2018
'InSong flower (bright part of plant) qep'a' 2016
'uma' petal qep'a' 2016


word translation source
baQ be fresh, be just picked (fruit, vegetable) KGT
poch plant TKD
pul be ground up qep'a' 2016
wIj farm TKD
yob harvest TKD


1 : Botany on Wikipedia

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