the word Brak'lul describes the appearance of unnecessary doubled organs in the klingon anatomy (1). With this klingons can survive wounds deadly to humans. The klingon spelling is bIraqlul (2).

Music band

There is a german Hip Hop band, who took the word as a band name. They explained it with the fact, that the lead singers of the band are identical twins. They're existing twice in a metaphorical way. If one would go away, the other would still be there, like with the klingon body parts. This is addressed in the song "Brak'Lul Anthem" (3).

Das ist kein Versehen - wenige die es verstehen
Redundanz in perfekter Vollendung.
Wir sind nicht Brak'Lul weil der Name schön klingt.
Wir sind Brak'Lul weil wir sind was wir sind.

The english translation:

This is not a mistake - few understand it
Redundance in perfection.
We are not Brak'Lul, because the name sounds nice.
We are Brak'Lul, because we are what we are.

The first version of their logo had a big Trefoil in the background.

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1 : Star Trek The Next Generation, 5th season, 16th episode "Ethics"

2 : Klingon for The Galactic Traveler

3 : Brak'Lul Anthem on YouTube, uploaded 30th October 2014


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