But Not for Me

But Not for Me is a song written by George and Ira Gershwin for the 1930 musical "Girl Crazy" which became a jazz standard.(1)(2). The song was translated into Klingon as 'a jIHvaD pagh by Nick Nicholas.(3)(4)(5)


These lyrics are from Nick Nicholas's translation.(6)(7)(8)
'a jIHvaD pagh But Not for Me
bang bom lughItlhlu'law'. They're writing songs of love
'a jIHvaD pagh. But not for me.
Do' DungDaq boch Hov law'. The lucky stars above.
'a jIHvaD pagh. But not for me.
DevDI' muSHa'ghachwIj, With love to lead the way,
muDortaH 'engmey qIj. I've found more clouds of gray
'ej 'engvetlh'e' not QIj than any Russian play
je SeQpIr lut. could guarantee.
toH qoH vIDabejmo', I've been a fool to fall
DaH jIQuchHa'. and get that way.
va QI'yaH Qu'vatlh Hu'tegh Heigh-ho, alas, and also
'ej baQa'. lackaday.
'ej chay' muchoppu' ghaH, Although I can't dismiss
not 'e' vIlIjchoHlaH. the memory of her kiss,
'a jIHvaD loS Ho' pagh. I guess she's not for me.
wItaghDI' povbeHlaw', It all began so well,
'a pIgh wIbup. but what an end.
qaStaHvIS poHvam, These are the times a fella
ghotvaD utba' jup. needs a friend.
pIj bang lut Quch DI'ogh. Where every happy plot
'ej Hochchaj rInmoH tlhogh. ends in a marriage knot.
'a jIHvaD loS tlhogh pagh. And there's no knot for me.

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