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The cafe song or Klingon folk song appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Playing God". It was sung in the Klingon restaurant on the Promenade of Deep Space 9 by the Klingon chef to Jadzia Dax and Arjin(1), accompanied by a Klingon concertina(2). After singing, the Klingon chef explains that Jadzia Dax taught it to him, and it was a Klingon song that he had never heard.

According to a transcript of the episode(3), the song's lyrics are: "Ak'la bella doo./Bella ak'la doo./La suhm, La suhm, L'kahtra la suhm./Ak'la bella doo!"

Klingon Lyrics

Various Klingonists have attempted to recover canonical Klingon phrases in this speech; one transcription by Jeremy Silver relies on vocabulary from TKD and directs the audience to participate.(4)

Klingon Translation
'agh la', bel la', Du' The commander demonstrates. The commander is pleased. A farm.
bel la', 'agh la', Du' The commanders is pleased. The commander demonstrates. The farm.
la' Sum... la' Sum... The nearby commander. The nearby commander.
lIqat ra'... la' Sum... He accompanies you (pl.) with instrumental music. The nearby commander commands.
'agh la', bel la', Du'. The commander demonstrates. The commander is pleased. A farm.

Other interpretations are possible, including such possibilities as bel la' Duy "The commander's emmissary is pleased" or bel la' Dun "The great commander is pleased."

Il Troubadore Version

A version of the song was later performed by the Il Troubadore Klingon Music Project(5).

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