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Star Trek Klingon 2020 Calendar

Klingon Calendar
In August 2019, a Klingon 16-Month Weekly Engagement Calendar for 2020 was published. It is published by Universe Publishing and licensed by CBS.

Klingon language

The back cover says that the Klingon phrases were translated by Felix Malmenbeck. Marc Okrand or the KLI were not involved here (1). It also shows a large Klingon text written in HaSta pIqaD (see ➞ fonts). On the preview images, all of the other texts are written in English using Klingon letters, but in the final version they are all correct Klingon.

Front Cover

Klingon 2020 tlhIngan 2020
In Klingon and English tlhIngan Hol DIvI' Hol je
16-Month Weekly Engagement Calendar 16-jarmey Hogh nabmeH 'ISjaH

Back cover

This 16-month weekly calendar feaures favorite Klingon characters from every film and franchise, from The Original Series to Star Trek: Discovery. Never miss an important date, holiday, or the chance to avenge your honor against the enemies of the Empire. yIlop! wa'leS chaq maHegh! ("Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!")

Transcript of Klingon text:
16- jarmey Hogh 'ISjaHvam tenwalmey 'IHmoH Hov leng Hoch 'ay' tlhInganpu'. vaj Hov leng lut mIr wa'DIch vIlle'pu', Hov leng DISqa'vI'rIy vIlle'pu', Hoch latlh Hov leng vIlle'pu' je SeymoHbej. jajmey potlh, leSpoHmey, quvqa'meH Qu'mey, tuqlIj jaghpu' qaDmeH Qu'mey je DanabmeH 'ISjaHvam Dalo'laH. jatlh tlhInganpu': yIlop, wa'leS chaq maHegh.


The preview images do not show the final product, instead showing just English words with Klingon letters. For instance, "Monday" just turns out as monDay (instead of DaSjaj, see ➞ weekdays) and "Lieutenant Commander Worf" is written lIeutenant chommanDer worng. The same happens with month names and all of the holidays.

The final version though seems impecable. All of the weekdays are written correctly, names of people on the images have been transcribed correctly and even holidays were translated or trancribed into Klingon. (Except for the name Spock as SupoH on page September 23, whose canon spelling SIpoq was revealed several weeks later that year in the book Kauderwelsch.)


Author (undefined)
Translator Felix Malmenbeck
Design Celina Carvalho
Published August 20, 2019
Publisher Universe Books
ISBN 978-0-7893-3590-6
Pages 116
Size 7" x 9" / 166 x 229 mm
Weight 376 g


1 : Message from Felix Malmenbeck on Facebook on November 21, 2019

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