Canonical Exceptions

This pages lists canon examples of situations where Marc Okrand has made grammatical errors, or phrases which do not follow the rules, while it may not be clear whether done intentionally or not.

Type 5 Suffix

"When the noun-noun construction is used, only the second noun can take syntactic suffixes." (1) This means that N1-5 N2 is not allowed, but N1 N2-5 is. There are two known examples which seem to violate this rule, or there is another explanation we do not know of: In the Bird of Prey poster, wing light is translated as telDaq wovmoHwI', where one would have expected tel wovmoHwI'. This error returns in paq'batlh as a chapter title Feast at QamChee QamchIyDaq 'uQ'a', where it should be QamchIy 'uQ'a'.

There are two main opinions here. One says that the phrases violate the rule and are an error. The other camp says the example isn't a noun-noun, and thus the rule does not apply. None of the sides find true arguments to prove them being right or wrong. Some people seem to be comfortable with the fact that chapter titles and labels on diagrams don't have to exactly follow the grammar described in TKD.(2)

There is

There have been several examples where tu'lu' has been used where lutu'lu' was expected, using the correct prefix: There are klingons tlhInganpu' tu'lu' should strictly be tlhInganpu' lutu'lu'. Marc Okrand has explained in 2014 that tu'lu' is a set form that is grammatical for singular or plural, making this exception not an error any more.

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1 : The Klingon Dictionary, Chapter 3.4

2 : Results of the discussion on the Mailing List of February 2016

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