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Choose the right

The phrase Choose the right is a motto among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Depending on the meaning, a possible translation for "choose the right" might be teHwI' yIwIv Choose the true one. or lughwI' yIwIv Choose the one who is correct/right. Others have suggested ideas like batlh yIvang Behave with honor, but that does not transmit the idea of having a choice.

pIqaD ring

Ring CTR1.jpg
Ring with the letters t-H-e (the)

Ring CTR2.jpg
new version of the ring
On the web there is a ring showing that phrase with Klingon letters known as pIqaD. In the first published version, the shown phrase actually was not a klingon translation at all, the written letters just read chooSe tHe rIght. It's nevertheless interesting to see that the letters did match the correct mapping, so it is using the right symbol for ch and gh, instead of doing the mistake of simply typing G+H, which would produce gh + H.

MelanieRoney has offered a correction with no charge, but the producer preferred to keep the faulty phrase as it is. (1)

In a later message, they explained their decision (2):
Thank you for your follow up email, it helped clarify your concern with the Klingon Choose The Right ring. I [sic: we] are working on correct the error between the narrow and wide rings. As far as the translation goes, because there is no official translation of "choose the right" we hesitate to change the wording and structure of the phrase. We are open to translating the phrase directly into Klingon, Ex: "Choose the right" translates to "leghlaHbe' wutlh", which would then be written in Klingon characters. Please let let me know your thoughts.

Note: By "official translation", they mean one that The Church has approved and officially uses.

After the case got the medial attention seen above, the producers quickly changed their mind and agreed to create a corrected version, assisted by Melanie Roney. The new version now shows the phrase lughwI' yIwIv.

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1 : Message on Facebook of 24 May 2016

2 : Facebook message of 24 May 2016

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