Christopher Obi

Christopher Obi is an actor planned for the new TV-series Star Trek: Discovery to be released in 2017. He was announced to play a Klingon name T'Kuvma, "the Klingon leader seeking to unite the Klingon houses". (1)

In a video message on Twitter of 17 January 2017, he spoke few lines in Klingon, saying he was "practicing for his new job on Star Trek". The title of the tweet was "viHtaH gho [sic] - the time has come". He spoke something like tlhIngan maH DaHjaj ("we are klingons today") or tlhIngan maH taHjaj ("We are klingons, may it endure") and added "It's gonna be much better than that when it comes out." At that time, it was the first indication that there would be real Klingon used on the show, as it was confirmed later. This video was deleted just the same day, probably because it revealed too much information. On his following video, he did not mention the name of his job anymore, obviously intentionally (2).

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1 : Qapla' - Discovery Introduces The Klingons, on, 12 Dec 2016

2 : Video on Twitter of 18 Jan 2017

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