This page lists clarifications for words that are either ambigiuous, or for those ideas for which we have multiple words, but it's not clear what their difference is.

General vs. specific terms

batlh / quv

The word quv is used for a personal honor, the honor that a person has. The term batlh talks about honor in general. (HolQeD 12:3)

veS / noH

The word noH is used for an actual, individual, existing battle, while the word veS means "warfare" in general. (KGT, p. 47)

SuvwI' / vaj

The word SuvwI' is an actual warrior, literally a "fighter", while the word vaj refers to the general concept of a warrior. (KGT, p. 50)

QaH / boQ

QaH is used to help someone when it is impossible for them to complete their task without the help and implies a shift in responsibility, while boQ means to assist someone in doing something they might be able to do alone and who retains full responsibility. (message from Okrand to Jeremy Cowan, (1) )
Okrand wrote that the boQwI' app "is aptly named."

Clarifications derived from examples

noH / chov

noH = judge, estimate: chorghSaD qelI'qam HIvchuq'e' vInoH Estimating attack range in 8,000 kellicam. (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)
chov = assess, evaluate: luchovmeH 'oy'naQmey lo'. [they] test him with painstiks." (SkyBox #S9)

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1 : Message from Maltz of 10 Oct 2017, on

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