Klingon Clock software

There are several programs and apps which can display time with a klingon look, and some of these even speak Klingon.


Klingon Klock 2.0 c

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This was the first speaking Klingon Clock available on the web. It was released around 1998 [citation needed] and updated to version 2.0 one year later [citation needed]. It was created by Matthew T. Smith (1).


Analog Clock
Joseph Arthur has programmed an analog clock face with numbers in pIqaD. The pointers for hour and minute are Bat'leths, while the pointer for the seconds has a Bird of Prey and an Enterprise attached to an almost invisible pointer. The background of the clock face shows a big trefoil. The clock has no functionality yet, but there are plans to add a speaking mode to it.

The creator of this clock has had assistance of Jeremy Cowan, Jeffry C. Larson, Alan Anderson, and David Waddell.

The clock can be seen at http://www.josepharthur.org/klingon_clock/


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