Coloring words

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colored page of KGT

standard marker pens

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screenshot of boQwI'
Coloring words is one strategy to memorize words, which works quite well in Klingon, as there are only four types of words (if you also count the affixes).

Most people who read things may happen to gloss over words and not really pay attention to them actively. When you take your TKD and color each word, then you really have to focus on it and look it up. After a while, you will recognize words and suffixes that are repeated, so you have memorized them. You can do that with TKD, KGT and TKW, so when you have done that, you can really say that you looked up EACH word and you can be sure you did not overlook them.

This also helps you to recognize structure of words, because the colors show the syllables. For a beginner, even jIlaDlaH looks like a big chunk of a word, but with colors they can see it's actually jIlaDlaH.

This method is recommended for beginners, because it is a good way to use the language in your hands and your mind, not just read and see.

Recommended colors

The system of chosen colors was defined by klingonist Lieven L. Litaer. Theses are used in boQwI' as well:

verb (yellow)
noun (green)
affixes (red/purple)
other (blue)

These colors exist in each set of marker pens, btw.

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