There is no Klingon word in the sense of "red is a nice color"(1). If you want to ask "What color is that?", say chay' nguv?

During qep'a' 26, in July 2019, a word for "color" was revealed, but it means "color (in general)". See ➞ qalmuS

Different shades

There are four basic verbs for colors:(2)

Klingon translation
Doq be orange, be red
SuD be green, be blue, be yellow
qIj be black
chIS be white

Different colors can be intensified by adding the rover-suffix qu'- ("very") or by distinguishing colors in wov (bright) and Hurgh ("dark"). One may replace the 'ej and by 'ach but .

Color Klingon Translation literally Source
SuDbluejust SuDTKD
SuD 'ej Hurghdark blueSuD and darkTalkNow
SuDqu' 'ej Hurghdark green to bluevery SuD and darkNOT CANON
SuDqu'"would probably be described as green"very SuDKGT, p. 82
SuDqu' 'ej wovpale green to yellowvery SuD and brightNOT CANON
SuD 'ej wov"a way to refer to a yellowish tinge"; blondeSuD and brightKGT, p. 82
SuD 'ej wovlight blueSuD and brightTalkNow
Doq 'ej wovred to orangeDoq and brightNOT CANON
Doqorange/redjust DoqTKD
Doqqu' 'ej wovpinkvery Doq and brightTalkNow
Doqqu'"a color more red than orange"very DoqKGT, p. 82
Doqqu' 'ej Hurghdarkredvery Doq and darkNOT CANON
Doq 'ej Hurghdarkred to brownDoq and darkNOT CANON
Doq 'ej wovbe'brownDoq and not brightHolQeD 8:1 p. 7, stk 02/21/1998
qIj 'ej wovgreyblack and brightTalkNow

Please note that the displayed colors are only for visual reference and do not represent canon definitions.

Color scale

A gradient color scale has been designed by Roger Cheesbro many years ago, before the additional shadings had become canon: colors.png

Colors with similes

Besides that, colors can be named by using similes:

Doq 'ej Qaj wuS rur It is Doq like kradge-lips. (a brownish tone) (3)

Doq 'ej beqpuj rur It is Doq and resembles bekpuj (an orange mineral) (4)

Related terms

There is a verb nguv which means "be dyed, stained, tinted". It is used in phrases like chay' nguv ("How is it tinted?") or with the -moH in the form nguvmoH ("dye, tint, stain", literally "cause to be dyed". (5)


chum be colorful qep'a' 2016
Dem be clear, transparent, uncolored, colorless qep'a' 2016
DIj paint with a pigment stick [onto something] KGT
Hurgh be dark TKD
nguv be dyed, stained, tinted KGT
wev draw The Little Prince
wov be bright TKD
ngoH paint using fingers KGT


rItlh paint, dye KGT
qalmuS color (in general) qep'a' 2019

See also

  • Klingon Jokes: "Are the warriors red?"


1 : Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, p. 81: "First of all, there is no noun meaning color."

2 : The Klingon Dictionary

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4 , 5 : Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, p. 82

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