Comparing Adverbs

There is the question how to "intensify" an adverb, i.e. "quickly" ➞ "very quickly".

It would be convenient if we could place the rover suffix -qu' on the adverb, but that can't be done, and the suggestion of placing -qu' on the verb which the adverb modifies seems to be the only logical way to do this. It is possible that because of Klingon's rigid word order, the ADVERBIAL + VERB form a unit and therefore suffixes emphasize - or can emphasize - the verbal unit as a whole since adverbials cannot take an affix (with the possible exception of -Ha').

Example with nom/QIt

Actually, we've seen this use of -qu' adding its emphasis to the adverbial before:

nom yIghoSqu'
Maximum speed. (1)

If we combine that with the following phrase from ST5:

cha'maH vagh vatlhvI' Hong. QIt yIghoS!
Slow to one quarter impulse power. (2)

One may theoretically be able to produce this model:

QIt yIghoSqu'
Minimum speed.
(meaning "As slowly as possible")

Example with pe'vIl

By modifying the example:

tIqIpqu' 'ej nom tIqIp
Hit them hard and hit them fast. (3)

you may be able to say:

pe'vIl tIqIpqu'
Hit them really, really hard!
(i.e. Hit them as hard as you can!)


1 : ST5 notes

2 : Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

3 : The Klingon Way, p. 8

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