Computer Terms

This page contains a wordlist for computer related terms so that all the different efforts to translate websites, manuals, programs and apps can share the same vocabulary. Some of these terms are canon, but other might not be, so those should be handled with caution.


The Facebook translation team has discussed lots of possibilities and decided on a few things. This does not mean those are accepted laws or defined rules, but could be a useful approach for future translations of similar projects.
  • To keep buttons short, commands are always in clipped Klingon, such as pol instead of yIpol.


English Klingon Source
bit San'on qep'a' 2019
botnet qoq De'wI' Dojmey qepHom 2015
byte Hut'on qep'a' 2019
computer main core De'wI' SoSbor'a' BoP
computer server De'wI' turwI' qep'a' 2018
computer system De'wI' pat BoP
computer De'wI' TKD
CPU (central processing unit of a computer) loHjan qepHom 2014
data-banks/memory banks qawHaq TKD
desktop computer raS De'wI' qepHom 2014
internet 'Internet qepHom 2014
keyboard nItlh 'echlet qepHom 2014
laptop computer De'wI'Hom / De'wI' tIS qepHom 2014
left mouse button poS leQ qepHom 2014
mouse pad 'eQway' 'echlet qepHom 2014
mouse wheel / scroll wheel rutlhHom qepHom 2014
mouse 'eQway' qepHom 2014
right mouse button nIH leQ qepHom 2014
touchpad 'echlet Hab qepHom 2014
world wide web weQmoQnaQ qepHom 2012

  • Presumably SoSbor on its own could be used for "Motherboard".
  • The word 'eQway' is used only for the device, not the animal.


Canon nouns

English Klingon Notes Source
account mab literally "treaty, contract" boQwI' app terms, 2018
bug Qagh literally: "error, mistake" boQwI' app terms, 2018
column (of spreadsheet or table) war - qepHom 2015
mode lo' literally: "usage" boQwI' app terms, 2018
row (of spreadsheet or table) wev - qepHom 2015
setting (individual) DuH literally "alternative" boQwI' app terms, 2018
settings (collectively) SeHlaw literally "control panel" boQwI' app terms, 2018
software nIqHom - qep'a' 2016
spreadsheet / table wa'chaw - qepHom 2015
theme tu'qom literally: "appearance, configuration" boQwI' app terms, 2018
wiki wI'qIy - qepHom 2017

non-canon suggestions

The following words are not canonically categorized to be used this way and are listed here only as a suggestion.

English Klingon Notes Source
file De' literally: "data" TKD
help QaH TKD
window Qorwagh literally a real "window" in a house, as is the English KGT

Canon Verbs

English Klingon Notes Source
sign up qI' literally "sign a treaty" boQwI' app terms, 2018
sign in ngaQHa'moH literally "unlock" boQwI' app terms, 2018
sign out ngaQmoH literally "lock" boQwI' app terms, 2018
connect lIn literally "share" boQwI' app terms, 2018
disconnect lInHa' boQwI' app terms, 2018
download lI' TKD
upload lab TKD
encrypt meS literally "tie a knot" qepHom 2014
encrypt So' literally "hide" qepHom 2014
decrypt meSHa' literally "untie a knot" qepHom 2014
decrypt So'Ha' literally "unhide" qepHom 2014
crack (a code) baghHa' literally "untie" qepHom 2014

Non-canon suggestions

The following verbs are just literal translations. We do not know if Klingons would "open" a file or if "save" is correct for this, but these verbs have proven useful from an English speaker point of view.

English Klingon Notes Source
open poSmoH TKD
close SoQmoH TKD
cancel qIl TKD
edit choH TKD
move vIHmoH TKD
next Duv literally: "advance" TKD
previous HeD literally: "retreat" TKD
print ghItlh literally: "write" TKD
quit bup TKD
save pol TKD
save as... pong 'ej pol literally "name and save" TKD
cut pe' Ctrl X TKD
copy woH literally "pick up" - Ctrl C TKD
paste roQ literally "put down" - Ctrl V TKD

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