The concurrence in this page refers to the existence of two similar spellings for one word. Most of those appear to be based on typos in different sources, some evolved from mis-pronunciations of the actors, and some have been declared as just being a linguistic fact.

List of concurrent words

word alternative spelling Translation
ghorqon ghorqan Gorkon Being a name, two different spellings of Gorkon are usual.
HIja' HISlaH yes HISlaH was a mispronunciation for HIja' in ST3
joH jaw lord jaw was a mispronunciation for joH in ST3
jorneb jornub warhead written differently in the word list of KGT. The first spelling appears more often.
luq lu' okay both appear in TKD, chapter 5.5 Exclamation
mojaq mojaQ suffix as a parallel to moHaq, the first spelling is to be favored.
naHjej neHjej thistle literally translated "sharp fruit" in KGT, the alternate spelling used in the word list is probably a typo.
pIraqSIS pIraQSIS Praxis (Klingon moon) pIraQSIS in paq'batlh, pIraqSIS in Monopoly. No further examples.
qa'raj Qa'raj ka'raj (animal) first spelling in main body of KGT, second spelling in the word list
SuH Su' Ready! both appear in TKD, chapter 5.5 Exclamation

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