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Conlanging - The Art of Crafting Tongues is a documentary movie by Britton Watkins about constructed languages. It will be giving an overview of the history of constructed languages, with interviews with the most known linguists, like Paul Frommer (Na'vi), Christine Schreyer (Kryptonian, for Man of Steel), and of course Marc Okrand, creator of the Klingon Language and Britton Watkins, who coached the Klingons in Star Trek Into Darkness.

The main contents of the film will not focus on the Star Trek fandom background, but on the use of the languages, and show how seriously people learn such constructed languages.

Recordings have started in 2015, the release date is not known yet (1).

Klingon language

Project video credits
The project video on the page shows credits at the end written in the fonts of each language(2). The klingon version reads chenmoHwI' boQ - marq 'oqranD with the translation "Associate producer - Marc Okrand".

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  • Earthlings, a movie about the Klingon language of 2004


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