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Constellations or "Star Trek Constellations" is an anthology of Star Trek stories released in 2006, for its 40th anniversary.

Klingon phrases

The story "The Leader" by Dave Galanter contains a total of six Klingon sentences, all translated by Marc Okrand. Co-author Allyn Gibson explains them on an annotation page on the internet. (1)

Note that the author uses the term "Klingonese" for the language, based on the mentioning in the TOS episode. Read Klingon language for details on this word choice.

Page 232

yIntaH qIrq 'e' vIneH. DaSwIj bIngDaq latlhpu' vItap.
Klingonese translation provided by Marc Okrand from my English: "Kirk I want alive. The rest I will grind beneath my boot." Marc told me that literally the line is: "I want that Kirk keeps living. I will mash the others under my boot."

This may be a typo for qIrq'e', because neH is not used with 'e'.

Page 259

qab yon Da'agh. qablIj yon yI'aghHa' 'aghHa'pa' 'etlhwIj.
Marc Okrand again translated my English line into Klingon. I gave him "Scrape that smug look from your face before my blade does it for you" and he gave me back this, saying literally it was: "You display a satisfied face. Dis-display your satisfied face before my blade dis-displays it."

chobelHa'moH, DI'qar. SajlIj 'oHbe' quvwIj'e'.
More Marc Okrand goodness. My line was "You disappoint me, D'Kar. My honor is not your play-thing," and Marc handed back this Klingonese. (Literally: "You displease me, D'Kar. My honor is not your pet.") It was fantastic for Marc to take his time to translate these lines for me, and I owe him big.


1 : Star Trek: Constellations: The Annotations, retrieved on November 8, 2019

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