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Convention Klingon was the title of a learning card provided by the Klingon Language Institute. It contained a handful of useful phrases to be used at a convention. The card was given away around the year 2000 and measured about 1 by 2 inches.

Klingon Translation
qep tlhIngan Hol Convention Klingon
HIja' yes
ghobe' no
lu' Ok, I will
Qo' I won't
yuch Daghaj'a' Do you have chocolate?
... 'oH pongwIj'e' My name is ...
nuq 'oH ponglIj'e'? What is your name?
pa'lIj mI' yIngu' What is your room number?
jabbI'ID Quch vImech vIneH I want to exchange email addresses
QIt yIjatlh Speak slowly
yIbomqa' Sing it again!
'uQ wISoptaHvIS jutlhej DaneH'a'? Do you want to join us for dinner?
QuchwIj vIlISnIs'a'? Is my forehead crooked?
Ha', DIvI' beqvetlh DInuQ Let's harrass those Feddies
Klingon Language Institute

Grammatical notes

It is a little questionable if the verb mech (trade) can be used in the sense of "exchange email addresses".

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