Conversational Klingon

Conversational Klingon
Conversational Klingon, usually abbreviated CK, is an audio tape by Marc Okrand and Barry Levine. Okrand speaks the grammatical parts and all of the Klingon phrases and sounds. The background story and cultural information is spoken by Michael Dorn. Along with The Klingon Dictionary, this tape is considered the most important basis for starting to learn the Klingon language.


The recording has a total length of 48:10 minutes. It is divided into 5 Tracks, while the back cover of the CD ignores the 3-minute introduction in its listing, so only shows the tracks 2-5 labeled as 1-4.
Track Title length
1 [introduction] 3:00
2 Track 1 Pronunciation 6:37
3 Track 2 Grammar 13:09
4 Track 3 Numbers 5:55
5 Track 4 Time and Everyday Usage 20:55


The first version of the audio tape was published October 1st, 1992. Few years later, at last before 1995, the same version appeared as a CD. Since 2004, the files are available for download on Amazon.

The tape was translated into German in 1998, see ➞ Audiosprachkurs Klingonisch.


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