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Dr. d'Armond Speers (Klingon name: Holtej, born 2 July 1968 in Miami) is an American Klingonist. He discovered Klingon and joined the KLI in 1992, subsequently serving for a short while in 1994 as Beginner's Grammarian of the KLI's mailing list. He became well known in the media for talking to his newborn son only in Klingon in 1994 (1); he has also been interviewed for the BBC documentary series Fry's Planet Word. He was honoured for his contributions to the Klingon language community by being inducted into the order of the Friends of Maltz in 1999.


He graduated from Georgetown University in 2002 with a doctorate in computational linguistics. Despite his experience with Klingon, Speers insists that he is not a Star Trek fan(2).

Raising son in Klingon

In 1994, d'Armond Speers decided to raise his newborn son Alec in Klingon. He said in an interview that he did this as a linguist in order to understand how children learn languages. During three years, he only spoke Klingon to his son, which he adapted quite easily. Speers stopped the project for two main reasons: First, the vocabulary was too incomplete so they could not talk about daily situations. For instance, at that time, there were no words for bottle (bal), table (raS), bread (tIr ngogh), and many others. (See number of words for the vocabulary growth over time). Second, his son started to refuse using Klingon, because he noticed that nobody else beside his father spoke that language, and it seemed clear that he did not enjoy speaking Klingon, so Speers did not want to force him.

After that time, Alec grew up normally and does not speak any Klingon any more.

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1 : Dad Spoke Only Klingon To Son For Three Years in Huffington Post, 18 March 2010

2 : Local company creates Klingon dictionary, Minnesota Daily, November 17, 2009

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