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A Vulcan Hello

A Vulcan Hello is the title of the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery. It premiered on the 24th of September 2017 on CBS All Access and one day later worldwide on Netflix.


The U.S.S. Shenzhou is sent out to verify a broken subspace relay where they discover an unknown ship. When Commander Burnham is sent to investigate it, she accidentally kills the guard of the ship, who is a the Klingon torchbearer. The Klingon leader T'Kuvma (tIquvma) takes this opportunity to unify the Klingon houses to start a war with the Federation.

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Klingon dialogues

DSC01 opening.jpg
Opening scene from ep. 1
The first episode of DSC actually starts with a subtitle written with the new Discovery font, showing the first line ghoSlI' chaH.

1. T'Kuvma's speech

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles
1 T'Kuvma ghoSlI' chaH. They are coming.
2 ngIq HeySelmaj'e'... Atom by atom ...
3 nuSev 'ej nuqat 'ej nutaHmoHbogh Hoch lunge'. they will coil around us... and take all that we are.
4 buQwI'vam 'omlu'meH wa' mIw tu'lu'. There is one way to confront this threat.
5 wo'majDaq ghobtaHbogh cha'maH loS tuqmey DItay'nISqa'moH. By reuniting the 24 warrior houses for our own empire.
6 loD lIjlaHbe'bogh vay' wIlIjpu'. We have forgotten the Unforgettable...
7 tuqmeymaj tay'moHmeH qeylIS'e'. the last to unify our tribes: Kahless.
8 wa' qangtlhIn wIpab, tlhIngan maH taHjaj. Together, under one creed... remain Klingon!
9 nuvma' DIghommoHmeH DaHjaj rI'meH qulmaj wIchu'. This is why we light our beacon this day.
10 jagh wI'ommeH pe'vIl DeSDu'maj DIrar. To assemble our people.
11 HeghmoHbogh rI'meH mu'meyvam jatlh jaghma'... To lock arms against those whose fatal greeting is...
-- "We come in peace."

2. Klingon ceremony

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles
12 T'Kuvma loDnI'ma' yItu'... Witness our brother,
13 rI'meH qulmaj our torchbearer,
14 quvDaq Sech qengwI'ma' HoHta' DIvI' yotwI'. killed by the Federation interloper on our sacred beacon.
15 rIn 'e' DaleghDI' qalegh. I see you as you see the end.
16 nuquvmoH Sech qengwI'ma'. Our torchbearer honors us...
17 machoq'eghmeH maghobtaHvIS HeghwI' wa'DIch ghaH. first to die in our crusade for self-preservation.
18 yo' qIjDaq Heghpu'bogh loDnI'ma', rej'aq, Our ancestors welcome our fallen brother, Rejac,
19 rI' no'ma' to their Black Fleet.
20 maSuvtaHvIS They fight with us,
21 nutlhej chaH jaghma' wISuvtaHvIS. as we fight against our enemy.
22 tlhIngan maH taHjaj. Remain Klingon!

3. The new torchbearer

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles
23 T'Kuvma He Hechlu'bogh ghoSlI' Hoch. All is as it is meant to be.
24 tuqvaD rej'aq cho' 'Iv? Who is Rejac's next in line?
25 Or'Eq loDnI'Daj 'or'eq, jIH. I am his brother. Or'Eq.
26 T'Kuvma batlh Sech qengwI'ma' chu' DegheS. The honor falls to you to be out new Torchbearer.
27 Or'Eq jIyI'. With respect...
28 jIHvaD valqu' paQDI'norghlIj. I find great wisdom in your teachings...
29 T'Kuvma 'ach? But?
30 Or'Eq DarItmo' vangbej'a' chuDma'? Can you be sure our brothers and sisters will answer your call?
31 T'Kuvma vangbej, ram chalDaq They will because the prophecy commands
32 bochDI' qeylIS wovmoHwI' lughoSnISmo' Hoch tlhInganpu', net ra'. all Klingons must come to the light of Kahless when it shines in the night sky.
33 Or'Eq wIchmo' qIb luchIqmeH puvbej'a' Dujmey? Will ships really fly across the galaxy because of a fable?
34 T'Kuvma vaj bIHon'a'? So, you doubt?
35 bIquvHa'... You dishonor...
36 ...'eghqu'moH neH. only yourself.
37 Voq rI'meH wovmoHwI' vIchu'qang jIH. I will light the beacon.
38 T'Kuvma ponglIj yIjatlh. Speak your name.
39 Voq voq. Voq.
40 pagh puqloD. Son of none.
41 T'Kuvma tuq 'etlh DaHutlh. You have no family blade of your own.
42 tuq quv qurDu' DIb DagheSlaHbe'. You cannot assume the birthright of a noble house.
43 Daqotlhbe'. You are unworthy.
44 Voq vIqotlh. I am worthy.
45 'Iwmo' teHbe' Not by blood...
46 'a jIHarmo' teH. but by faith.
47 qeylIS wovmoHwI' vItoy'. I serve the light of Kahless.
48 qulDajDaq jIboghqa'. I am reborn in his flames.
49 T'Kuvma qaStaHvIS yInlIj bImobtaH I recognize you as one who has lived his life on the outside
50 'ej Dol nIv Damuv DaneH 'e' vIghov. and yearns to be part of something bigger than himself.
51 DIrlIj Dem leghDI' 'op Duy' lulegh. Some may see the color of your skin as nature's mistake.
52 'oHvaD neSlo' vIpong jIH, I call it a mirror...
53 SoHDaq jIlegh'eghmo'. for I see myself in you.
54 L'Rell joHwI'. My Lord!
55 vIHchoHghach DapIHbogh 'ang chuq'a' noch. lenglI' DIvI' Dujmey. Long-range sensors show the movement, just as you predicted.
56 T'Kuvma pov. vIHtaH gho. Excellent. The time has come.
57 'etlhwIj yItlhap, voq, Take my blade, Voq.
58 pagh puqloD. Son of none.
59 batlh Sech qengwI' DagheS SoH. The honor of Torchbearer is yours.
60 rI'meH qul yIchu'. Light the beacon!


  • #1: This first line was displayed using Klingon letters. See ➞ pIqaD used in Discovery for details.
  • #55: This line was written and produced before the verbs for "predict" were published at the qep'a' 24 in 2017.

New word in the subtitles

In the subtitles which Lieven L. Litaer provided on Netflix, a new word can be seen. This verb tIw means "to behave / think emotionally" and was proved by Marc Okrand.

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