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Battle at the Binary Stars

Battle at the Binary Stars is the title of the second episode of Star Trek: Discovery. It premiered on the 24th of September 2017 on CBS All Access and one day later worldwide on Netflix.


During the ship is being attacked, Commander Burnham breaks out the arrest cell and helps the captain to avoid a threatening war. Their fight against the Klingons leads to many losses, including the captain. Commander Burnham is condemned and looses her rank.

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Klingon dialogues

1. Voq's speech

Speaker Klingon Subtitles Note
Kol nuqDaq ghaH tIquvma'e'? Where is T'Kuvma?
qeylIS rI'meH qul quv vIlob I heed the sacred call of the Beacon of Kahless,
'a qabwIj buSHa' ngeHpu'wI'. and the one who sent it ignores my presence?
Ujilli lengwIj mImmoH DevwI'lI'. Your leader delays me from my voyage.
qatlh? Why?
Dennas Hovmey waQchoHlI' wo' buQbogh nuq'e'? What threat to the Empire spreads across the stars?
Kol SIbI' DevwI'lI' yIqem. Bring your leader at once.
poHwIj yInatlhQo'. Do not waste any more of my time.
T'Kuvma "qabwIj." "My presence."
"lengwIj." "My voyage."
"poHwIj." "My time."
'a Qu'wIj'e', quvwIj'e' joq qel pagh. No one speaks of "my duty" or "my honor."
Kol yIvuv, tIquvma. Show respect, T'Kuvma.
pagh SoH. You are nothing.
yejvamvaD jeSmeH DIb Dabajbe'pu'. You have not earned a seat of this council.
T'Kuvma 'ach yInqa'meH wo'maj jIDev jIH. And yet I am the one who leads the way to our Empire's resurrection.
puq jIHtaHvIS As a child,
SanwIj wovmoH qeylIS qul. my destiny was illuminated by the light of Kahless.
Dujvam ghajpu' vavwI'. This ship belonged to my father.
Heghpu'DI' ghaH, 'oH lonlu'taH... Upon his death, it lay abandoned until...
... vItu'pa' I discovered it...
ghIq tuqwIj vIquvqa'moH 'e' vI'Ip. and vowed to restore honor to my house.
Young T'Kuvma toSwI' qal'aqraj 'oHbe' Daqvam'e'. This is not your playground.
tuqwIj yIvuv. You will show my house respect!
T'Kuvma 'ach tay'lu'be'taHvIS quvlu'be'. But there is no honor without unity.
juH wIghajbe' maH. 'oH lInbe'chugh Hoch. There is no home for any of us, unless it is shared by all.
Kol tay'lu'ghach Daqel. You speak of unity,
'a Ha'DIbaHmeymo', vumpu'mo' je Dujvam DawebmoH. yet you disgrace this ship with outcasts and vermin.
Voq lIDechbogh Doch yItu'. Look around!
joHwI'mo' qajqa' Dujvam quv. This holy vessel soars once again because of my lord.
DemmoHchu'bogh ngup 'emDaq 'oH So'meH, mIw 'oghqu'pu' ghaH. He has even devised a way to hide it behind a cloak of invisibility.
T'Kuvma tuqwIj muv Hoch net chaw'. My house is open for all.
muvlaH je nuvpu' DapolHa'ta'bogh SoH, qol. Including those discarded by you, Kol.
'a tuqwIj tay'moH wa' qangtlhIn: But my house is bonded by a single doctrine:
tlhIngan maH taHjaj. Remain Klingon.
Kol qoHvam wIQoybe'choH. We are done listening to this fool.
Dennas Qoyqangqa' Daghor tuq. The House of D'Ghor will hear more.
Ujilli Qoyqang je mo'qay tuq. As will House Mokai.
Kol wa' jaj, tugh, One day soon,
DaqlIjDaq qalanqa', tIquvma. I will put you back in your place, T'Kuvma.
Dennas jutay'moHmeH nuq Danab? How do you propose to unite us?
T'Kuvma Do'natu vaghDaq DIvI' wIlulpu' 'a qaStaHvIS poH veb mayonchoHchu'pu'. We have become complacent in the time since we last battled the Federation at Donatu V.
manItmo' DIbuQ. Our purity is a threat to them.
qeQ yotlhDaq nuluH luneH. They wish to drag us into the muck,
pa' DuD Humanpu', vulqanganpu', tellarnganpu', where humans, Vulcans, Tellarites,
'anDorya'nganpu' lamqu' je. and filthy Andorians mix.
Ujilli ghIlab ghew 'oH neH Dujchaj'e'. Their ship is but a fleck.
chay' nubuQ wa' Duj? What threat does one ship pose?
T'Kuvma DevwI''a'pu', qaSbej Hoch vIjatlhbogh. Great leaders, everything I say will come to pass.
Hov tIbejchoH. Look to the stars.
pawpu' Sanmaj. Our destiny has arrived!

2. T'Kuvma talking to Shenzhou

Speaker Klingon Subtitles Note
T'Kuvma nepbogh mu'tlheghchaj jatlhrup. Here it comes. Their lie.
teHbe' No!
rojbe'. They do not!
mapIm ngIq maH 'e' luQaw'meH ghoS chaH. They come to destroy our individuality.
may' luqotlhbogh DInobmeH... Shall we rise up together...
...matay'taHvIS mavangrup'a'? and give them the fight they deserve?
tlhIngan maH. taHjaj. Remain Klingon!
baH! Fire!

3. Talking to the admiral

Speaker Klingon Subtitles Note
Voq bIjang DaneH'a', joHwI'? Do you wish to respond, my lord?
lI'choH Begin transmission.
T'Kuvma DujmeywIj'e' vIDemmoHlaHchu' 'e' Honchugh vay'. Lest anyone doubt that I can render my own vessels invisible.

4. The leaders talking

Speaker Klingon Subtitles Note
T'Kuvma Heghmey DISIQpu'. We have suffered losses...
'a DIvI' Hegh vItlh law' Heghmaj vItlh puS. but the Federation has suffered far more.
DevwI'pu', Qo'noS yIchegh. Leaders, return to Kronos.
tIngvo' 'evDaq chanDaq De' yImaq: Declare far and wide
wo' tay' Daqa'taHvIS, Suv tlhIngan Segh. that the Klingon race fights as a united Empire once again.
jajvam Dun qempu'wI'vaD tIqDu'raj tI'ang. Open your hearts to the one who delivered this great day.
Voq wovmoHwI' yItlha'. Follow the light.
tIquvma yItlha'. Follow T'Kuvma.
Voq + L'Rell tIquvma lIjlaHbe'bogh vay' T'Kuvma the Unforgettable!

5. The fight is won

Speaker Klingon Subtitles Note
L'Rell So'taH DIvI' Dujmey, pagh The Federation ships are hiding...
'ay'meychaj lughomHa'lu'. or scattered in pieces.
nubuQbe'ba'. They pose no threat.
T'Kuvma vaj may' Qaplu'ta'. Then the fight is won.
L'Rell teH. Yes.

6. Collecting the dead bodies

Speaker Klingon Subtitles Note
L'Rell 'ej Heghpu'wI'pu'ma' lommey? And our dead?
che'ronDaq 'al, They float...
luweghbe'lu'taHvIS. tugh luchIllu'. untethered on the battlefield, soon to be lost.
T'Kuvma bIH tlhapqa' Hoch 'e' yIra'. Task everyone with retrieving them.
nebeylI' 'elrupchoHmeH Hoch lom I will prepare each of the slain for entombment...
ghopDu'wIj vIlo'. with my own hands.

7. Destroying the Klingons

Speaker Klingon Subtitles Note
T'Kuvma QongtaHvIS HeghDI' SuvwI', 'oynot, Hom je neH yugh. A warrior who dies in his sleep is no more then flesh and bone.
batlh ghobtaHvIS HeghDI' SuvwI', quv ... A warrior who perishes honorably in battle is blessed.
... nuHemmoH Sub Hegh, A hero's demise brings pride for a life...
Seghmaj HubmeH yIn nobmo'... given in defense of our race...
... 'ej Suto'vo'qorDaq loSmo' yIn chu', mabel ... and comfort in the knowledge that new life awaits in Sto-Vo-Kor.
vInDa'pu'ra' lunaDlu'chu'bogh tImuv, Join your vaunted comrades,
loDnI'pu' be'nI'pu' je, brothers and sisters,
Sumobbe'mo'... for you are not alone
... 'ej reH yo' qIjDaq pe'avtaH. and stand watch among the Black Fleet forever.

8. T'Kuvma's death

Speaker Klingon Subtitles Note
Voq reH yInlIj luqawtaH Hoch tlhInganpu'. Your life will be remembered forever by all klingons.
HochvaD nutay'moHbogh meq 'oH HeghlIj'e'. Your death will be a cause to unite us all.
T'Kuvma 'oH DaQoy'a'? Do you hear that?
Voq ghobe' joHwI'. No, my lord.
T'Kuvma puq maHtaHvIS mu'mey DIjatlhbogh The word we said as children,
qeylIS wIquvmoHmeH in Kahless' honor.
'Iv wInej? Whom do we seek?
Voq qeylIS. Kahless.
T'Kuvma chay' wISam? How do we find him?
Voq matay'taHvIS. Together.
T'Kuvma jIjaHmeH yIwovmoH. Give us light to see. literally: Make it bright for me to walk/go.
Voq reH Forever.
T'Kuvma wInejtaHvIS reH So''egh'a'? Will he hide from us always?
Voq not. Never.

See details on these final lines which are part of the ➞ Kahless Prayer.

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