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The butcher's knife cares not for the lamb's cry

The butcher's knife cares not for the lamb's cry is the title of the fourth episode of Star Trek: Discovery. It premiered on the 8th of October 2017 on CBS All Access and one day later worldwide on Netflix.


Michael Burnham finds a way to enhance the ship's engine and navigation. Meanwhile, Voq scavenges the dilithium processor from the Shenzhou and has to fight against a traitor who took his whole crew.

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Klingon dialogues

1. Making plans

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles
1 Voq tIquvma joHwI', T'Kuvma, my lord,
2 jav wen DujlIj Qotlhlu' 'ej tagh noH. it has been six months since your ship was disabled and the war began.
3 wIlonlu', tI'nISlu'. We are left behind, in disrepair.
4 ghung matlhwI'pu'lI'. Your followers are hungry.
5 Soj luSuqmeH vIDev 'e' yIQaH. Help me guide them to nourishment.
6 L'Rell DaH ngoHwI' SoH'a'? You are an artist now?
7 Voq DIDaq Hoch Doch This is the orbit of every object
8 wIqorta'bogh bavmeH He cha'. we have scavenged through in the debris field.
9 QuQmaj DIchu'qa'meH toQDuj wIpoQbogh tu'lu'be'. There are no Birds-Of-Prey that we require to restart our engines.
10 wa' Duj tu'lu'ba'. There is one ship.
11 Sojvam wIqelqa'Qo'. We will not have this discussion again.
12 chuqmajDaq Senjaw tu'lu'. The Shenzhou is within range.
13 lonlu'bej, It may have been abandoned,
14 'a naQtaH cha'puj choHmeH bobcho'Daj. but it still has an intact dilitium-processing unit.
15 tIquvma HoHta' Dujvam'e'. This is the very ship that felled T'Kuvma.
16 chammaj chamDaj je DImuvmoHchu'chugh mawogh. To fuse its technology with our own would be blasphemy.
17 bImorghbe' HoDDaj wISopDI'. You had no such outrage when we ate its captain.
18 nach HomDaj Habvo' 'oynot I saw your smile when you picked the meat
19 DateytaHvIS bImon 'e' vIlegh. from her smooth skull.
20 DeSDu'wIjDaq HeghtaHvIS tIquvma As T'Kuvma perished in my arms...
21 meQtaH qulDaj 'e' vI'Ip. I swore to keep his fire lit.
22 wIyIrlu'be'meH jI'om. To resist assimilation.
23 matlhwI'pu'Daj vIDev To lead his followers.
24 'a DaH qa' DujvamDaq ghungchu'mo' QIt HeghlI'. But now they slowly die of hunger on this ghost ship.
25 HeghtaHvIS chaH, HeghlI' je nobDaj. His legacy dies with them.
26 vIchaw'Qo'. I cannot allow it.
27 chay' lI' nIttaHghach, What good is purity
28 HeghmoHchugh neH? if it leads only to death?
29 tIquvma tuqnIgh ghaH vavwI''e' My father was T'Kuvma's blood kin,
30 'a SoSwI' chuD chaH mo'qay tuq'e' but my mother was House Mókai...
31 bejwI' tuq, tojwI'pu', nepmeH nIqwI'pu' chaH. the watcher clan, the deceivers, the weavers of lies.
32 puq jIHtaHvIS When I was a child,
33 betleH munob SoS she gave me a bat'leth
34 'ej tIqwIj vIchevmeH and told me to cleave my own heart.
35 wa' tuq vIwIv 'e' ra'. To choose one house over the other.
36 'ach Instead...
37 cha' vItoy'meH QI vIchenmoH. I built a bridge to serve both.
38 DaH QI DachennISmoH SoH'e'. Now it is your turn to build,
39 mol yotlhvetlh DajaHnIS. to go into that graveyard
40 'ej Senjaw choHwI' bobcho' DaSuqnIS. and bring back the Shenzhou's processing unit
41 chepmeH chuDpu'lI' for the good of our people.
42 Dujvetlh Da've'nIS. You must go to that ship.

2. Kol arrives

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles
43 Voq qol. Kol.
44 qatlh juSuchneS? What is the reason for your welcome visit?
45 Kol naDev jIHpu'DI' The last time I was here,
46 tlhoS taghtaHvIS noH on the eve of the war,
47 ngugh pe'vIl jIvuvHa'. I hurled disrespect.
48 DaH jInguqHa' Now I come with humility.
49 Voq tIquvma Sov yIqel. tlhIngan wo' tay'Daq, T'Kuvma teaches that in a united Klingon Empire
50 tor jaghma' neH. no one kneels but our foe.
51 Kol val mu'mey. Wise words.
52 'a noH yay chavbe' mu'mey. But words don't win wars.
53 cham'e' ghajbe'bogh latlh ghaj tuqlIj Duj: Your house's ship has what no one else has:
54 'ejyo' jeylaHchu'bogh cloaking technology
55 So'meH cham'e'. that can crush Starfleet.
56 bISuvqa' net poQ. We need you back in the fight.
57 'ejyo' may'mo' chenbogh mol yotlhDaq nuDechbogh We have scavenged the dead vessels floating around us in the graveyard
58 Dujmey Deq DIqorta'. left by our battle with Starfleet.
59 jav wen qaS may'vetlh 'ej tlhoS maQapqa'laH. Six months since that fight we are almost operational again.
60 'a cha'puj choHwI' wIHutlh. But we still lack a dilithium processor.
61 tlhoS loj Sojmaj je. We are almost out of food, too.
62 'a nughojmoHmo' tIquvma, But as T'Kuvma told us...
63 Dochmey ghajbogh tIquvma tuq, what belongs to House T'Kuvma...
64 ghaj je qor tuq. belongs to House Kor.
65 nuje'jaj je DevwI''a'ra' DevwI''a'ma' mu'mey. may the words of our messiah, also sustain us.
66 tlhIngan maH taHjaj. Remain Klingon!

3. Scavenging the dilithium processor

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles
67 ngI'chu' muD. Atmosphere pressurization complete.
68 lIr'el. L'Rell.
69 choQvamDaq, HoD loHmeH pa'Daq joq matlhapmeH qotlh pagh. There is nothing worth taking on this deck, or in the captain's ready room.
70 cha'puj choHwI' vISamta'. I have located the dilithium processor.
71 rarmeH bobcho' vel qut pugh. The coupling unit is covered in crystal residue.
72 rarHa'lu'DI' jorlaH. Unplugging the processor could cause an explosion.
73 pay' vIHlu'chugh yo' qIj wImuv. One sudden move and we join the Black Fleet.
74 vItlhabmoH. I will free it.
75 lIr'el. L'Rell,
76 pIj jaS ghu' DIlegh. we do not always view things the same way...
77 'a bIval 'e' vISovchoH. but I have come to know you
78 SoH val law' as one who is astute.
79 jIH val puS. More astute than I.
80 L'Rell qatlho' joHwI' Thank you, my lord.
81 qatlh joH chopong? Why do you call me that?
82 Ducho'moH tIquvma. T'Kuvma made you his successor.
83 wIvDaj DaHonbej. Surely you doubted his choice.
84 muSovbe'qu' tIquvma, T'Kuvma barely knew me,
85 'a DopDajDaq bItoy'taH qaStaHvIS DISmey. while you served at his side for years.
86 SoHDaq vay' legh tIquvma. T'Kuvma saw something in you.
87 bIngotlhtaHvIS bInIt. A purity of devotion.
88 DevwI' ngup vItuQ vIneHbe'. I do not want the mantle of leadership.
89 SoH 'emDaq jIQamtaHvIS, jIvanglaH. Standing behind you, I am free to move.
90 qaSmoHwI'lI', HubwI'lI', numwI'lI' jIHlaH. Able to be your enforcer, defender, campaigner.
91 Voq qaghajmo' jIDo'. I am fortunate to have you.
92 DIrarHa'rup'a'? Shall we uncouple?
93 tIquvma yItlho'. Thank T'Kuvma.
94 'oHmo' puv Dujmaj. With this, our ship will fly.

4. Voq's problem

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles
95 Voq chay'? What is this?
96 Kol Soj vIqem. DujwIjvo' Provisions. From our ship.
97 'op vInobDI' I provided some,
98 jIH 'emDaq QamchoHchu' beqlIj. and your crew fell in line behind me.
99 ghungchu'wI' matlhmoHmeH mach qav'ap. The price of loyalty is low for those who are starving.
100 bIlujpu'. You've failed.
101 bIlI'Ha'chu' 'ej jaSHa' bImoHchu', You are as useless as you are ugly,
102 pagh puqloD. son of none.
103 Voq mugheSmoH tIquvma. T'Kuvma anointed me.
104 Sech qengwI' jIH. I am the torchbearer.
105 Kol 'ej DIbvetlhvaD wovmoHwI'Daj And for that privilege,
106 meQbe'choHmoH Human 'e' Dachaw'. you allowed a human to extinguish his light.
107 qeylIS Hov chu' tIquvma. The star of Kahless was lit by T'Kuvma.
108 DaH tay' tuq'a'mey. The great houses are now together as one.
109 DIvI' wIjeyta'pa' teH neH. Only until we defeat the Federation.
110 ghIq matay'Ha'qa'. Then we will divide again.
111 'a DaH motoy' Dujvam Huj, But your strange ship,
112 beqDaj, So'meH her crew, and cloaking technology
113 chamDaj je. will now serve me.
114 jIHegh 'e' vImaS. I would sooner die.
115 qanobta', joHwI'. It is yours, my lord.
116 yIHoH. Kill him.
117 L'Rell San qotlhqu'bogh vISov. I know are more fitting fate.
118 jaghma' molDaq yIwoD. Dump him in the grave of our enemy.

5. Exile

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles
119 Voq tIquvma, joHwI'. T'Kuvma, my lord.
120 nIHoHbogh Ha'DIbaH They left me here to die
121 juHHomDaq jIHeghmeH naDev muratlhmoH chaH. in the nest of the vermin who took your life.
122 jIHarmo' ghanglu'be' 'e' vIvoq. My faith tells me this is not the end.
123 L'Rell voq. Voq.
124 Voq chomaghpu'. You renounced me.
125 L'Rell qatoDchu'meH. To save your life.
126 jImejpu' tugh tlhoj qol. It won't be long before Kol realizes I'm gone.
127 DItlha'nIS. tIquvma tuq yInaQqa'moH. We need to go after them. Make House T'Kuvma whole again.
128 chaH ghaj qol. They belong to Kol.
129 DaH Dup'a' DInabnIS. Now we must strategize on a grander scale.
130 tIquvma paQDI'norgh lupabchoH cha'maH loS tuqmey 'e' DaponmeH, In order to convince the 24 houses to follow T'Kuvma's teachings.
131 noHvamvaD yay DachavnIS. you must win this war.
132 Sech qengwI'na''e' SoH HochvaD 'e' yItob. Prove to all you are the one true Torchbearer.
133 bIjatlhDI' mIw DaSovlaw'. You speak as if you have a way.
134 L'Rell mIw vISov. I do.
135 weHwI' vInIHta' 'ej mo'qay juHDaq qaDor. I've stolen a raider, and will take you to the home of the Mókai.
136 jImejpu'DI' DuHmey DapIHlaHbe'bogh I will leave you with the matriarchs,
137 nI'ang SoS'a'pu'. who will expose you to things you never knew possible.
138 'a qav'ap tu'lu'. But it comes at a cost.
139 Voq nuq vIjeghnIS? What must I sacrifice?
140 L'Rell Hoch. Everything.

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