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Si vis pacem, para bellum

Si vis pacem, para bellum is the title of the eighth episode of Star Trek: Discovery. It premiered on the 5th of November 2017 on CBS All Access and one day later worldwide on Netflix. This episode was shown during a promotional fan screening organized by Netflix in London on 5th of November.

The title is a quote from Cicero, meaning: If you want peace, prepare battle. When translating this to Klingon, do not use ghuH, because that means "prepare for war", which is something else than preparing a war.


On mission at the planet Pahvo, the USS Discovery crew discovers a new species with unique communication skills. Admiral Cornwell is trying to escape the Klingons. L'Rell wants to overrun Starfleet, which Kol sees through.

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Klingon dialogues

1. Kol and L'Rell

Line Speaker Klingon Subtitles
1 L'Rell qol Sa'. General Kol.
2 Kol lIr'el, Du'arghHa'moH mIvwa'. The scar is an improvement, L'Rell.
3 L'Rell SanDIy 'oH. vItuQmo' jIHem. Earned in battle. I wear it with pride.
4   qaHoy'. SoHvaD matlhtaH 'e' lu'Ip tuq law'. Congratulations. House after house has vowed their allegiance to you.
5 Kol lupu'bogh SublI' jIH 'e' yIDaQo'. Do not mistake me for your fallen idol.
6   tIquvma... tay'moHmeH vum ghaH. T'Kuvma... He sought unity.
7   nIvqu'meH tlhInganpu' vIche'DI' jIvum neH jIH. I seek only Klingon supremacy under my rule.
8 L'Rell SoHvaD matlhwI' law' bajpu' The dissemination of the cloaking technology
9   So'meH cham DabontaHmo'. has earned you many loyalists.
10   jIH tuqwIj je nuyugh chaH vIneH. I wish to count myself, my house, among them.
11 Kol bImatlhDI' yapbe'. Your loyalty isn't enough.
12   latlh nuq chonoblaH? What else can you offer me?
13 L'Rell yu'meH laHmeywIj. My skills as an interrogator.
14   'ej muja' ghoqwI'pu'wI' jatlhQo'bogh qama' boghaj. My spies tell me you have a prisoner who refuses to speak.
15 Kol ngay'wIj SachmoHbogh De''e' choqemchugh quvlIj vIqelqangqa'. Bring me some information that will add to my glory, and I will consider you request.

2. The fight

Line Speaker Klingon Subtitles
16 Kol nuqDaq qama' DaDorlI', lIr'el? L'Rell, where are you taking the prisoner?
17 L'Rell 'etlhwIj tlhappu' ghaH 'ej nargh 'e' nID. She took my blade and tried to escape.
18   lom vIwoD. I will dispose of the body.

3. The corpses

Line Speaker Klingon Subtitles
19 L'Rell gha'vIq. Grafk.
20   to'ratlh. Torath.
21   SIlreq. Silrek.
22   qol vIghang. I will end Kol.
23   tlhIHvaD jInoDbej. I will avenge you all.
24   tlhIHvaD vI'Ip. I swear it to you.

4. The oath

Line Speaker Klingon Subtitles
25 L'Rell narghpu'pa' Human cham HoSghaj ghaj DISqa'vI'rIy 'e' woq ghaH. Before her escape, the human confirmed that Discovery posesses a powerful technology.
26   chenqa'moHlu'chugh charghlaHghachlIj vuSbe' wo'maj HeH. Were it replicated, your conquest could reach far beyond the limits of our empire.
27 Kol latlh vIneHpu'. bIyojHa'. I hoped for more. You were reckless.
28 L'Rell jIvaQ. I was effective.
29 Kol SoHvo' narghta'. She got away from you.
30 L'Rell qaStaHvIS poHHom neH. Not for long.
31   qol Sa', lo'laHghachwIj Daleghbe'chugh DaH jImej. General Kol, if you don't see my value, I will take my leave now.
32 Guards mev. Stop!
33 Kol lIr'el. L'Rell.
34   latlh qama'pu' tu'lu', noHvam vanlu'pa'. There will be more prisoners before this war finds its end.
35   'ut yu'wI' po'. A skilled interrogator will be crucial...
36   qor tuqvaD bImatlhtaH 'e' Da'Ipchugh neH. as long as you vow allegiance to House Kor.
37 L'Rell qatoy'choHneSmo' jIquv. My Lord, I would be honored to serve you.
38 Kol chotoj 'e' vItu'be' 'e' DaHar'a'? Did you think I would not see through your deceit?
39   ghaHvaD qor tuq nepwI' bIj yI'agh. Show her how house Kor treats liars.
40 Communications officer Sa'. jabbI'ID tInqu' wItu'pu'. My Lord. We have intercepted a massive signal.
41   pa'vo yuQvo' vIb. From a planet called Pahvo.
42 Kol QIn'a'? A message?
43 Communications officer ruSvep. An invitation.
44 Kol pa'vovaD He yInab. Set a course for Pahvo.


  • line 18: She brings the body to a room later called "burial chamber" and which is labeled as lom pa'.
  • line 25: L'rell uses the verb 'ol in this phrase meaning "confirm", but at the qepHom 2017 we learn that 'ol only means "verify, check", and the verb woq means "confirm".
  • line 42: the interrogative suffixe usually cannot be attached to verbs, but we have seen a canon example of this in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier when Captain Klaa asked 'entepray''a'? - "The Enterprise?".

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