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Point of Light

Point of Light is the title of the 3rd episode season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. It premiered on the 31st of January 2019 on CBS All Access and one day later worldwide on Netflix. Just as in the finale episode of season 1, the voice of L'Rell spoke the introduction line "Previously on Star Trek: Discovery" in Klingon: Hov leng: DISqa'vI'rIy - lut 'ay' vorgh. The title of this episode refers to Kahless' promise.


This episode follows three narrative threads:
  1. While searching for Spock, his mother Amanda Grayson comes to the Discovery to seek help.
  2. They find out that Tillys's hallucination is some kind of multidimensional parasite from the mycelial network.
  3. Klingons: On the Klingon homeworld Kronos, some Klingons try to kill chancellor L'Rell to get her power. Meanwhile, Ash Tyler finds out that L'Rell had a baby with Voq. Kol's Father, Kol-Sha, tries to force L'Rell to hand over her power to him, and threatens to kill her baby. In a fight, Kol-Sha and Ujilli get killed. As the Baby causes problems and the Klingons doubt on Tyler's loyalty, they fake the death of both Tyler and the baby. Tyler brings the baby to the monastery of Boreth to make the revolting Klingons believe they are gone, so L'Rell can keep her power.

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Klingon dialogues

There are a few lines at the beginning of the episode. Different to previous episodes, the Klingons speak English most of the time.

At about 36:05, Kol-Sha says about L'Rell that "She's nothing but a raHwI' [?] ngaghwI' ... that lies with a Human"

NOTE: Since there are no Klingon subtitles in this season, these phrase are a transcript and may be incorrect. click here to edit the page

Klingon High Council

# Time Speaker Klingon Subtitles
1 07:52 L'Rell veS qulvo'. Out of the fire of war, life begins anew.
2 veS qulvo' taghqa' yIn. Out of the fire of war, life begins anew.
3 Qangra' jIHmo', jIHvo' vIHtaH che'meH bovvam. As your chancellor, this dynasty springs from me.
4 cha'maH loS tuq'a'vo' From the 24 great houses,
5 ghoSchoH wa' ghu. one offspring rises up.
6 Tyler Day Soch wo' yo' tuch Behold the D7.
7 may'Duj yIlegh. the future battle cruiser of the Imperial Fleet.
8 wa' tuq joqwI' cha'be'. It bears the banner of no single house,
9 'a wo'maj tay' Degh bolegh. but the insignia of our united empire...
10 L'Rell Duj lInglu'ghach loH Sech qengwI'wI'. My torchbearer will oversee production of this ship...
11 qIbvaD tIqmaj 'ang Dujvam. A ship that shows the Galaxy who we are,
12 'ej qangtlhIn majatlhmo' and what it means to
13 08:16 -- tlhIngan maH taHjaj. remain Klingon.
14 08:19 all tlhIngan maH taHjaj. remain Klingon!
15 08:22 Kol-Sha (continues in English) Will you make this Human our new fleet captain, too, chancellor?

L'Rell's room

# Time Speaker Klingon Subtitles
16 11:20 Tyler 'ujIllI', bIpIvlaw'. Ujilli, you are looking well.

High Council

# Time Speaker Klingon Subtitles
17 43:51 L'Rell puq vIboghmoHpu'. I had a child.
18 43:51 vav ghaH voq'e'. Voq was the father.
19 43:51 voq vIquvmoHmeH Sech qengwI'wI'vaD Human vIgheSmoH. I made the human my torchbearer to honor Voq.
20 43:51 pongDaj vIja'qa'laHtaHbe'. I can no longer say his name...
21 43:51 (continues in English) such was the dishonor he brought.


  • It is not clear if the name of Kol-Sha has been intentionally chosen like this, because his son "General Kol" is qol Sa' in Klingon.

Written Klingon

LRell treaty 203.jpg
L'Rell's abdication
L'Rell was forced to sign an abdication treaty giving away her power to Kol-Sha. That letter was written in Klingon letters which made sense and showed the following words. The letters were hard to see, so the transcription might be incomplete. An English translation was not provided.

Line Words rough translation
1 poStaHvIS While they are open
2 mInDu'wIj 'ej my eyes and
3 HuvtaHvIS yabwIj, while my mind is clear,
4 QInvam vIqonlI' jIH, I am writing this message,
5 mo'qay tuq lIr'el. L'Rell from the house of Mokai.
6 qeylIS ngay' vItoy'meH In oder to serve the Kahless' glory
7 DaH quS'a' SeQvo' now from the formal chair
8 munge' Qu'wIj. my task takes me away.
9 ghItlhvammo' Due to this manuscript
10 jIche'Ha'choHchu'qu' I step back entirely from my governing
11 vaj gheS qor tuq so the duty can be taken over by the house of Kor's
12 ghubDaQ qol. firstborn Kol.
13 meQchoHta' tIquvma T'Kuvma has begun to burn
14 lumeQnISmoHtaH they must carry on burning him (?)
15 Dat tlhInganpu'. Klingons of everywhere.
16 DaH Sech vInob. I now give the torch.
17 qI'meH 'Iw lo'lu', Blood is used to sign,
fingerprint-button   -
18 [lIr'el] mo'qay, [L'Rell] Mokai,
19 [xxxx]'a' ??

High Council speech

LRell subtitles 203.jpg
Klingon subtitles for L'Rell's speech
At her speech in the Klingon High Council at the end, L'Rell starts talking in Klingon and switches to English. There are two lines written in pIqaD which match the English lines she spoke.


For more details, see ➞ pIqaD used in Discovery

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