Don't Copy that Floppy

Don't copy that floppy is an anti-piracy song by the Software & Information Industry Association. It was updated in 2009 including a Klingon phrase. The reference to this new song is abbreviated DCTF2.

Klingon language

Two Klingons in the video with a nonsense text
In their trailer for the song, they have two Klingons talking about copying a CD (1). The line spoken by the Klingon was translated by Marc Okrand. There are photos of him holding a big board with the Klingon's line on it(2). The board he's holding reads: De nib Da chen moH chugh big koov Ha; The translation of the spoken line reads: "To duplicate data is a great dishonor".

Obviously this is supposed to be: De' nIb DachenmoHchugh bIquvHa'.

They use the same footage in the music video for the song and subtitle it with pIqaD using what appears to be the Astra Image font set.


1 : (not available) second video, Time: 2:40

2 : (not available) time: 1:17

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