Dream vocabulary

For a long time, the only word we had for "dream" was the verb naj. (1) As this was incorrectly used as a noun as qul naj for the name of the novel The Dream of the Fire by K'ratak described in The Klingon Art of War, it was justified by explaining that this is the literal phrase "he dreams of fire", where fire is the object of the verb naj. (2)

At the end of the year 2019, a handful new words regarding dreaming appeared at Hol 'ampaS, but were quickly removed again. Somebody had written them down, so they kept existing as rumor words, until the were eventually confirmed by Marc Okrand at the qep'a' 2020 Q&A session.

The following is the message to Eric Andeen which included these new words:(3) (4)
buSHach is an individual thought, something thought of or about, something conceived of, a mental object/construct ("notion" maybe?).

Suchtuv is a dream (like when you're sleeping, not like "dreams for the future" or "dreams of happiness" — that is, not "hope, goal, desire"). But it's also used for "hallucination." (naj isn't used for "hallucinate" — only for dreams when you're sleeping. It's also not used for "fantasize, hope for" ("dream of becoming a star"). 'ergh is "hallucinate.")

Regarding Suchtuv — it's for dreams while you're sleeping only. A "daydream" (associated sometimes with inattentiveness) is luvnup.

'ergh is "hallucinate."

luvnup is "daydream."


  • From the above explanation, you can not use this to translate Martin Luther King's speech "I have a dream", because that is his wish, not something he was actually dreaming while asleep.
  • At qep'a' 2020 we learned that ghaj have is not a good choice to combine with "dream". A better way is the verb SIQ endure or – as said above – naj.

Usage Examples

This is a traditional phrase used at Empire Union Day. It celebrates the honor of Kahless the Unforgettable, who united the Klingon homeworld.(5)

bInajtaHvIS qeylIS Daghomjaj
May you encounter Kahless in your dreams.


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3 : On August 8, 2020, Alan Anderson wrote in the KLI Discord channel that he had gotten that message "a year ago" from both Okrand and Eric Andeen

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