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There were at least 2 Klingons named Duras of the House of Duras. This name is written DuraS in Klingon.

Duras, son of Ja'rod, was a brother of Lursa and B'Etor. When he uncovered proof that his father had betrayed the Khitomer colony to the Romulans, Duras conspired with the High Council to blame Mogh, for which Worf received discommendation. When Chancellor K'mpec was poisoned, Duras positioned himself as a potential successor, although K'mpec favored Gowron. Ambassador K'Ehleyr was investigating Khitomer and Worf's discommendation, for which Duras killed her. Worf then killed Duras in single combat in 2367.

Duras, son of Toral, was prevented by Archer from capturing a group of rebels, and was subsequently demoted and reassigned to a remote defense post. At a tribunal, Duras blamed Archer as the aggressor. Sentenced to life at Rura Penthe, Archer managed to escape. After several attempts to recapture Archer, Duras was killed in 2153 when the Enterprise destroyed his Bird-of-Prey.

the actor

Patrick Massett played Duras, son of Ja'rod in The Next Generation.
Daniel Riordan played Duras, son of Toral in Star Trek Enterprise.


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