Earth is the human homeworld and an important member of the United Federation of Planets. The Klingon spelling for it is tera'.


River Klingon Source
Allegheny (river, Mountains; US) 'a'leghen'I' qepHom 15
Irrawaddy (river in Burma/Myanmar) 'eyawaDIy qepHom 15
Rhein (river on German-French border) ra'yIn Qugh magazine
Seine (river in Paris, France) Sen Qugh magazine


River Klingon Source
Atlantic Ocean 'atlantIq bIQ'a' GoFlight


Continent Klingon Source
Africa 'avrI'qa' qepHom 15
Antarctica 'antartIq qepHom 15
Asia 'aSya' qepHom 15
Australia 'aSralya' TN!LK, qepHom 15
Europe 'ewrop qepHom 15
North America 'amerI'qa' 'ev chan 'ev qepHom 15
South America 'amerI'qa' tIng chan tIng qepHom 15

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