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The tlhIngan-Hol email discussion forum is a large mailing list with most of the top-flight Klingon-speakers as regular posters, as well as speakers of all levels, all the way down to rank beginners. The purpose of the mailing list is to provide a forum for people to exercise their Klingon language skills. No additional purpose is intended or implied. Before the raise of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google, the was no better way for up-to-the-minute contact with the Klingon community.

In 2016, the list had about 290, mid 2021 it had 305 members.

Some people prefer to name it a forum, because the phrase "mailing list" somehow reminds of a spam mail provider.


The topics discussed on the list are essentially unbounded. In fact, the wider the range of discussions, the better it will be for everyone trying to expand their skills. The list's official policy is that you may write about anything, if you write it in Klingon; you may write in English, if you're writing about the Klingon language. It is not appropriate to talk about Klingon costumes, customs, etc., or other Star Trek related items, unless you are doing so in Klingon. Don't send letters to the list about computer viruses, political issues like the CDA or other causes, holiday greetings, or things you want to sell, unless you're doing it in Klingon. Don't write to the list complaining that you can't get unsubscribed to the mailing list (see below), unless you're doing it in Klingon. See a trend here?

To subscribe go to the subscription page:

When you subscribed, you should have received a welcoming letter with unsubscription instructions, among other things. From now on, be a responsible net citizen and keep those instructional messages you receive when you subscribe to mailing lists.

If you wish to leave the list, go to the subscription page.


The first archived message is dated Wed, 7 Aug 1991 18:59:59 MST (1), so it was initiated shortly before the foundation of the Klingon Language Institute. On 17 December 2014, the list received its 100,000th message. (2)

Presuming that all messages have been stored, and accepting the KWOTD as well as multiple spam, the numbers of messages can be visualized in the following chart. It is quite clear that there was a big boom of interest during the final seasons of Deep Space Nine, where Klingons had a very important role, and both Canon books TKW and KGT were released. An increase of interest is visible shortly after the 2009 movie and with the release of multiple Star Trek related Klingon products in 2011.



The mailing list archive is available at In June 2016 the list was migrated to a new system which lead to a new archive being started. Both are accessible on the KLI's website.

The Sphider search utility indexes the messages and short/common words are ignored when creating the index. This makes it difficult to search for specific terms or short words. However, one can use Google to search the archives. For the pre-2015 messages, add to the search terms. For example: qeylIS

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2 : Message 100,000 17 December 2014 by Lieven L. Litaer

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