Empire Union Day

Empire Union Day is a fictive Klingon holiday mentioned on the audiotape Power Klingon. There are five known traditional toasts:

Between us, curses run like water.
matay'DI' vIHtaHbogh bIQ rur mu'qaDmey.

May the Klingon Empire continue forever!
reH tlhIngan wo' taHjaj!

May the spirit of Kahless live within you!
SoHDaq qeylIS qa' yInjaj.

May you encounter Kahless in your dreams!
bInajtaHvIS qeylIS Daghomjaj.

Death before shame.
bItuHpa' bIHeghjaj.

See also

  • QI'lop, another Klingon holiday mentioned on that tape
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