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Epic Loon

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Epic Loon is the name of an upcoming video game developed by a France based team "Macrales Studio" (release date July 13, 2018). The developer team announced on Twitter that the game is "localized entirely in Klingon". (1) (2)


The Klingon is NOT correct. It's a mix of English in a Klingon font, proper Klingon, misspelled Klingon, and incorrectly translated Klingon. It is obvious they have used the Bing-translator, so they created bad translations. The mapping of the Klingon letters is sometimes based in English words, so there is a word "Klingon" written as qlingon which reads as Q-l-I-ng-gh-o-n (where it should be tlhIngan).


Since Bing has been used here, there is no need for big analysis. Some phrases are not translated at all (SubtItle), some are just nonsense (Fluent qaStaHvIS rIn jav 'uy'...), and other are incorrect, having Sa' for "general" settings, while this is "a general" in the military rank sense. Only few words are used correctly.

Klingon letters

The pIqaD mapping is not correct either:
  • Sometimes switching q with Q. The word for "music" is written qoq where it should be QoQ, the word for "no" is written qo' where it should be Qo'.
  • The sound gh is written as g+h, so we get ghH all over: ghogh (voice) is written as ghHoghH.
  • The same happen with ng which is written as n+g, so it turns out as ngh.
  • English words that are written with Klingon letters do not makes sense at all: "default" turns out as Dengault

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1 : "le jeu est entičrement localisé en klingon", tweet of June 24, 2018

2 :, published around February 2018

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